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Once healed, a barbell, captive bead ring, horseshoe barbell or other surface body jewelry can be worn.  Healing time for ankle piercings is the usual time needed for a surface body piercing, which is between 4 to 8 weeks. Secondly, remember that because the risk of migration ( a piercing moving from its original starting placement) or rejection by the body is higher with a surface piercing than a standard piercing, extra care should be taken to keep the pierced skin clean and to avoid bumping it, rubbing it, or irritating it.
And lastly, note that if you do see sudden severe redness, extreme swelling, dark bruising, or goopy puss-like fluid, your piercer should be contacted as soon as possible because these are all signs of possible rejection.  Rejection of surface piercings is very common and if caught early enough your piercer may be able to help you avoid any scarring.
Bottom Belly Piercing– this is a piercing of the lower navel rim, rather than the upper, and can still be performed when a standard belly piercing is already in existence.
Corset Piercing– the corset piercing is actually a set of four or more surface piercings, often done temporarily for special occasions and worn with BCRs so that ribbon or laces may be passed through to give the appearance of corset lacing.

Hip Piercing– any piercing of the skin over or just inside the hip bone (this can be a surface piercing or a dermal anchor).
Madison– a surface or dermal piercing of the skin that lays between the clavicles, at the front of the neck.
Nipple Piercing– the piercing, whether horizontally or vertically, of the areola or base of the nipple. Sub-clavicle– the only piercing that actually enters the body cavity, the controversial sub-clavicle piercing actually run beneath the clavicle from one side to the other, and consequentially utilizes either custom titanium curved barbells or long PTFE flexible bars. Valley Piercing– a surface or dermal piercing at the small of the back or lower, above the buttocks.

I was just wondering if your hip piercings have rejected yet and if so how long did they last??

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