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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. HD and 3D wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds, free download your favorite desktop wallpapers here! To make this bunny bag, you will need a large paper bag, scissors, paste, cotton, stapler, and crayons, markers, or paint. This is fun to do, easy to put together, and the finished product will add a decorative touch to your room. To make this sailor hat, you will need 1 rubberband, 1 white bakery bag that is 6" wide when folded, scissors, and a pen or pencil.
To make this paper bag crown, you will need the following: 1 paper bag large enough to fit around child's head, scissors, paint, markers, or crayons, and optionally other decorative items.
Obtain an unused brown paper lunch bag (a used paper bag is likely to be wrinkled and therefore difficult to use). Paper Bag Volleyball Game - Learn how to play this game with 2 chairs, a rope and a brown paper bag ball.
Make Grocery Store and Cotton Balls Wigs - This is an adorable George Washington Wig made from cotton balls, ribbon, and a brown paper bag. How to Make a Brown Bag Scarecrow Decoration - Here I will show you how to make a brown bag Scarecrow decoration perfect to display this Halloween season…. How to Make a Frankenstein Paper Bag Flashlight Cover - Learn how to make this very easy Frankenstein, flashlight cover with a simple paper bag. Brown Paper Bag Bunny Rabbit Puppets - Make these adorable bunny puppets with the following simple items : Paper Bag, Newspaper, String or Yarn, Paper, Scissors, Glue, and a Pencil. Making Skull Flashlight Covers - Learn how to make this very easy skull, flashlight cover with a simple paper bag.

Paper Bag Puppets - Learn how to make adorable paper bag puppets with the following crafts tutorial. Making Scarecrow Flashlight Covers - You can make this awesome flashlight cover that looks like a scarecrow with just a simple paper bag.
Brown Paper Bag Frog Puppet - Use a lunch bag to make this frog puppet with a fly on his tongue.
Make a Jack-o-Lantern Paper Bag Flashlight Cover - You can make this awesome flashlight cover that looks like a Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern with just a simple paper bag. How to Make a Scary Ghost Paper Bag Flashlight Cover - You can make this awesome flashlight cover that looks like a Goo Ghost with just a simple paper bag. Brown Paper Grocery Bag Tigers - Learn how to make these large Bengal tigers that really stand out of a large grocery bag. Paper Bag Animals for Preschoolers - This is a perfect crafts project for younger children and preschoolers. Paper Bag Hippos - Learn how to make this large standing-up hippo with a recycled brown paper bag. Make a Paper Bag Hobby Horse - Make this ride-on toy horse with a broomstick, some crepe paper, and some paper bags. Paper Bag Headed Hobby Horses - Find out how to make this hobby horse made with a large paper bag, yarn mane, string reins, and a broomstick as the stick to place the head on. Paper Bag Clown Masks - Learn how to make paper bag clown masks with the following tutorial.
How to Make Paper Bag Masks - Here are some simple instructions for making masks out of brown paper bags.
This is a great way to get younger kids, such as toddlers, preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and other younger kids to build their own kites.

Firstly, cut center section from top part of folded paper bag, about halfway down bag (see sketch above).Draw a circle for eyes (or like I did 3 circles), triangle for nose, a sideways number 3 for mouth, and lines for whiskers to represent rabbit's face.
You will need an old broom or mop handle, five or six medium-sized paper bags, and crayons or paints. Faces, may be drawn and photocopied or printed for the younger children.You may glue a piece of cotton on the back part of the bag for a tail.
Draw open end of bag together around flashlight and tape with masking tape or tie with string. So if you are interested in upcycling & repurposing some of these paper bags, you might be interested in some unique crafts ideas for them.
Then just fold down the top of the brown bag twice to make an inch wide band along the bottom of the bag.
If tempera paints are used the design is drawn and painted directly on at least one of the faces of the bag (if desired, designs can be placed on all four sides of the paper bag).
Then stuff the bags with crumpled newspaper to fill it out, wrap a rubber band around the top, and when you have done this with each one, you are ready to put the totem pole together. While the picture on the paper bag is being designed the flashlight can be lighted in a darkened area to obtain the desired effect. Slide each stuffed bag on the pole you have ready, making sure that your faces are all in the same direction.
These are perfect for Halloween, you can make the flashlight a character that is a smaller version of you.

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