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Inscribed with the phrase Lucky You, the etching features an outline of the traditional symbol of good luck surrounded by a series of stars.
The Hitchcock actress commissioned French tattoist and graffiti artist Fuzi Uvtpk to create the inking for her after recently attending an exhibition of his work at Le Salon. Scarlett’s latest foray into the world of body art adds to her existing collection of etchings, which adorn various parts of her body.
Scarlett also has a sun rising over the sea design on her left forearm, while on her ankle she has two circles interlinked with the letter A.
Its was okay, but there still many impressive design for ladies who wants to get a horse shoe tattoo.
I think most people get tattoos for the cool factor, and that why you see so many people with bargain basement tattos that they got done at a tattoo party by some guy that can even do lines properly.

The one on her forearm definitely looks like a temporary tattoo you’d see a kid sporting.
She looks buzzed in the pic showign the tattoo and what an awful pic of her with the tattoo dude, she looks like she was up all night in an alley shooting up and crawled into the place.
Also, if a word has five letters in it, then wouldn’t the third letter be used as the center? She is starting to look matronly and washed up and her tattoo speaks volume about how tacky and below average she is! It bothers me so much when someone commissions a talented tattoo artist to do some bullshit like this. Im a cheapskate by nature but there are some things you should spend good money on and tats is one of them.

When requesting work from a legitimate artist (not just a well-known one, Kat Von D is well known, and her work is average at best) who paints and actually shows at galleries and what not, one would usually go for an original piece from that artist and not some crap that was taken off a piece of flash on the wall of their shop. She had the potential to be a respected actress if she worked at it, but she seems to be more concerned with looking hip and dating the most attention-grabbing A-listers.
She “commisonned” this dude to do a plain, run of the mill, any child could draw in horseshoe??!

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