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When we think of old school tattoo flash, we see images of big and bold designs of beautiful girls, hearts, roses, birds and anchors to name just a few. Swallows Old School Tattoo Flash– Swallows old school tattoo flash are great design patterns and are tattooed often these days.
Heart Old School Tattoo Flash – Heart old school tattoo flash is a design you will either remember someone in your family having or actors from the past wearing. Anchor Old School Tattoo Flash – Anchor old school tattoo flash has a long history going back to the 1920s. Eagle Old School Tattoo Flash – Eagle old school tattoo flash hit their stride in the 1940s and 1950s by soldiers and veterans as a pledge tattoo of the unit and division and the symbol of the eagle for freedom, liberty and power. Pin up Girl Old School Tattoo Flash – Pin up girl old school tattoo flash were a common tattoo seen in the 1920s through the 1940s with sailors and soldiers.
Placement of your old school tattoo flash will depend on size, but will really look good anywhere. TweetOk guys if you are looking for tattoos for men ideas we will discuss a few here below.
Since then, tattooing has greatly broadened and diversified, and you now have not only artists that enjoy a good horror tattoo, but prefer it. It's a massive horror convention, running May 25th through the 27th this year, filled with B-movie celebrities doing signings, people hawking their books, comics and movies, along with vendors, illustrators and all sorts people that live, at least for the weekend, outside of the mainstream. It's held at the Wyndam, a resort in Orlando Florida, and in our constant attempts to make it bigger and better every time, this year we hired a local Florida artist to design zombie figurines for the awards. We'll have some badass artists on the spot, including Bob Tyrrell, Adrian Dominic, Paul Acker, Ron Russo, Scottso, Bili Vegas and many, many more. Colin Kenji Baker started off his remarkable career as a tattoo artist at State of Grace as Horitaka’s apprentice. Everyone I work with influences me the most; Horitomo, Horitaka, Horiyuki, Horiken and Dan Wysuph.
The biggest challenge so far has actually been the whole process, from apprenticeship until now, and trying to do it right. I have always loved taking things apart and figuring out how they work, so naturally I was drawn to machine building.
Upon hearing this I felt inspired and I felt a little unworthy that I didn't know how to build a machine, so I decided to take it upon myself to learn. Do you have a piece that you have wanted to do on someone who you have never had the chance to tattoo before? Reach Beyond Death features 32 tattoo artists from across the United States, each tattoo artist was provided with a high-quality resin forearm cast to paint, draw, or sculpt upon. Reach Beyond Death enters it's second and final month, with an April 6th, 2012 reception during First Fridays in Kansas City, MO. Walking into Powerhouse Tattoo Company in Montclair, New Jersey reminds me of everything that I love about tattooing.
When we were talking about what I wanted to get done, I told him I wanted one of his signature pieces, which, if you don't know, is his head put on a piece of iconic flash. We talked a bit about placement and made some jokes about images being forwards and backwards, and how little it really matters. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of how it is getting tattooed, the conversations, the stories, the random people interjecting, random stories coming out of nowhere, all of it. Sean Herman- Why did you got into tattooing, do you remember the first tattoo you saw? Your first exposure to it?
Krooked Ken- Well, I guess the first experience seeing tattoos was seeing my uncle Wallace's tattoos, he was in the navy for a long long time. So we’re talking about a guy whose married for like 50, 60 years but had all these women’s names [tattooed] on him, actually some of them he’d have addresses, like where he could find them when he got back to port and I remember my mother just saying to my aunt, ??"Why do you let him get away with that?" You know?
I think subconsciously that was my first, however you want to put it, first memory of just how cool [tattooing] was. After being tattooed there for awhile, another guy named Bill Galaway came to work there and started tattooing me. So I became friends with him and at the time I had a good job doing logistics for a big corporation.
It was getting to the point where, I didn’t have a degree, but everyone working for me had a masters degree in logistics, they were more equipped to do what I did and they were going to surpass me, you know? So Bill had mentioned one time, “you should try tattooing” and I didn’t know it at the time but he had talked to my wife.
So I apprenticed there and I kept my job for the longest time, not a long time but it felt like a long time.
My name is Tarrah Wray and I am writing you in regards to a tattooer from London, Ontario named Jason Wojceik, or ‘Addictive Jay’ as he’s also known. Now that I’ve described who Jay was, you must also know that Jay, the love of my life and the most important person I’ve ever known, passed away suddenly in our home, on the morning of February 4th, 2012.
I know he would be so honored if he found others had gone out of their way to see he receives this distinction, he SO deserves it. He taught me EVERYTHING he could, whether it was about life, spirituality, or being impeccable with your word, OR anything and EVERYTHING I know about tattooing, art, painting, machine building or tattoo history. He didn’t think a whole lot about meeting that specific individual at that Metallica concert at the time. Whether he was cutting out his own Brooklyn Blacky sideplate, or travelling across the province to have a hundred of his personal frame designs CNC’ed, or getting a classic PW model A or Spaulding Supreme machined out of a solid block of Damascus, he killed it. Everything was not in vain, I will go the rest of my life living every day, using every gift he gave me. Most people have no idea who this Bellingham, Washington tattooer was, or the important contributions he made to tattooing. Fred Marquand got into tattooing at an early age, but he didn’t start tattooing professionally until 1920.
The picture shows Fred in front of his desk holding a machine with flash behind him that we know to be his first set.
Correspondence through the 20s shows that Fred was in touch with many of the suppliers of the day, Chicago Tattoo Supply House (CTSH), J.F. Fred opened his shop after his stint in the Navy and operated it until WWII when he enlisted in the Navy due to his past experience in his earlier years, and for the war effort.
Fred Marquand ran into a young Michel Dewitz, and since Michel was a tattoo man, Fred took to him quickly and they became great friends.
The Northwest Tattoo Museum had the honor of helping Michel disperse the last of the flash to various other tattoo museums and collections all over the world.
The artwork is in my opinion some of the most beautiful tattoo designs every made in the American Traditional form from the 1920s and 30s. Oliver Peck: Hey everyone, in case you didn't see already they are casting for Season 2 of Ink Master. Ink Master: We are in search of highly skilled tattoo artists from across the country! If you have the creativity, artistic skills and personality to impress the judges, we want to meet you in person at one of our Open Casting Calls! Put your tattooing skills to the test in this high stakes competition for the chance to win a $100,000 cash prize. Back in 2006, MySpace was in its heyday, I was working at a countrywide known insurance company. On one such evening my mother said to me, “Travez you better not mess with that stuff, you will get in trouble or even FIRED!” Everything was fine and dandy, and then it started to go down hill, as shit talking and hilarity began to commence. Her friend was in the group and decided to PRINT every single page and comment that had ever been posted within the group; she showed them to her friend and the supervisor. That night I went home and tried everything I could, I tried deleting the group, my own account and I even wrote the head dude of MySpace, nothing worked.
He told them he knew nothing and they told him he was going to be on leave with pay 'til they figured it all out. Personally, I’ll say that Oliver is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet, in any walk of life, and of ALL the tattooers I know, he’s the guy who should be on TV!
Well, obviously I chose to do it and now I feel I made the right choice, it was an awesome experience, I got paid well. So I watched the shows and I was pretty happy with the outcome, of course they made it as dramatic as they could and made certain characters play against each other, but overall I thought it was funny and entertaining. Now to address the negative feedback I have heard from a few people in the tattoo community, the first thing I need to let you in on (if you didn't already know) is that this show is not made by tattoo people, and is not marketed to the serious tattoo community.
So in closing I will say I am glad that I made the decision to take part in this project and I am lookin’ forward to Season 2 and I can't wait to see what good and bad tattooers they have lined up to compete! Purchase the digital version of Oliver's 50 page article as featured in TAM issue 12 for your hand held device or computer.
If you're a professional tattooer, and you'd like to purchase a copy of the magazine, check out the store HERE. After my time at Royal Tattoo in Denmark I headed to Amsterdam and The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum just a week before Christmas. It was an honor to be there, in the midst all of that history and to meet Henk for the first time and see him in action. After a 21 hour flight, a good amount of time of which was spent listening to Bob Seger “I think I’m going to Kathmandu” on the recommendation of Dringenberg. Walking along the streets it’s easy to get lost down little alleys and courtyards, passing the butchers selling: yak, boar, water buffalo (?), a cut off head of a goat sits on a table with incense stuck between it’s teeth, the glazed eyes, lifeless. La Paz, Bolivia is crazy looking, and it is crazy, but Kathmandu, while it looks similar in some ways is something else entirely, because in the midst of the chaos and the pollution there are statues of Ganesh everywhere, well-crafted hand-painted signs, beautiful stone or wooden pagodas, wild monkeys and mysterious doorways with dancing skeletons. They choose the next Goddess by bringing a group of young female toddlers into a temple, and escorting them into a dark candle lit room full of 108 slaughtered chickens, 108 slaughtered and beheaded goats and 108 slaughtered and beheaded buffalo, inside the room there are elder monks chanting at her – the whole thing is meant to terrify, the new Goddess is the little girl who isn’t terrified – the one who doesn’t cry or freak the fuck out. I was surrounded by local people who took me in instantly as family, people, that though they had little, never let me pay for a meal or a drink.
One thing I remember was going into the latrine, into the shit-house out back and thinking as I squatted over the keyhole toilet and inhaled those nauseous fumes of an outhouse, “that is the smell of friends, of other people who are like me, and it’s not bad." Yes, it’s the smell of shit and piss, but it’s from everyday people and it’s only natural, it’s only real.
I was pretty excited to head back to San Francisco on the two-year anniversary of my departure.

I still don’t know why, because the more time I spent there the more comfortable I became, the more I really began to appreciate having friends around me that knew me, that really knew me.
I also went back to Greensburg, Pennsylvania where I really started tattooing and saw one of my best and oldest friends Daniel Weyandt. Tonight I fly back to Buenos Aires on my birthday, to go work in that beautiful city at Well Done Tattoo again. The craziest thing for me over these past two years, especially the last year of getting to work with all of these legendary people, these crazy hard workers has been the difference between all of them. I’m honored and humbled to say that I will be joining Kings Avenue as a full-time artist in the beginning of August. The tattoo machines and ink were not of the best quality back in the day so the tattoos were generally simple and very bold with almost no shading, but the tattoo held up very well over time.
This iconic tattoo having the word “Mom” in it was popular with US military in the 1940s going in to the war.  This tattoo flash design was very fast to ink on a GIs arm before beening shipped out.
As an eagle old school tattoo flash idea try an eagle with its wings spread out flat and an eagle head in a side view between the wings. The color of the rose had different meanings and here are a few, red is love, pink is grace, white is purity and black is death.
We will help with a few suggestions in vintage colors of basic, red, green, black and sometimes if you were lucky, white, grey, blue, yellow and brown which were often the only colors they had. Large size tattoos look great on the upper body like the back, upper arm, forearm, chest, and legs. But first remember to keep an open mind and don’t just get the first cool looking one you find.
So it should come as no surprise that a huge portion of the populace is fascinated with all the things that go bump in the night. Bob Tyrrell can do a mean portrait, but something tells me he would much rather do a horror piece any day. It now has a relatively new addition as well, a tattooing side, managed by Ron and Geena Russo and myself.
It's a big vacation for those of us who love horror, and we want everyone to have a great time. He has worked at State of Grace ever since, instrumental in the shop’s growth for the last 4 years. Taki had given me a few machines that never ran very well when I first started, so I began to constantly rebuild them, taking note of what I did and how it affected the performance each time.
It comes from our conversation while he was tattooing me so, it's not just the story about how Ken started tattooing, it's several stories, all wrapped up in an amazing conversation had while getting a great tattoo.
I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him and I don’t have a lot of memories, that’s about all I have not many photos left but that would be the subconscious.?? Then I started getting tattooed in the late 80s early 90s, at Little Gary’s Tattoos in Dover, Delaware. Once I started getting tattooed by him we kind of become friends, and when I say friends I mean I’d get the last appointment for the day, he’d tattoo me and then we’d drive three hours to a titty bar and drink all night.
My job required 100 percent travel, so I would fly out Sunday night and fly all over the northeast region from factory to factory and then fly back, tattoo Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then go home eat dinner with my wife, get back on a plane and leave again. The point of my letter to you, is to respectfully request that Jay be featured in your magazine. I’ve compiled a collection of tattoo photos and machine photos, as a display of his talent.
And I’ve grown HUGELY since the day that I met him, and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for him. All the while, fine tuning his talent--while color work and bold, classic traditional are his favorite niche, he was QUITE the multi-faceted artist. The gift of knowing the Law of Intention and Desire, meaning there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create whatever you want.
Recently I was able to handle the sale of the last of the Marquand original hand painted flash boards through my museum for Michel Dewitz of Ancient’s Art Tattoo in Renton, WA. Rumor has it that Marquand gave up tattooing and joined the Navy at the request of his wife who didn’t like him being in the tattoo shop atmosphere. After Fred’s death, he left all his tattooing stuff to Michel, who later, not knowing what is was worth, sold it to Erno for his tattoo museum in San Francisco. In doing this, I had the privilege of handling some great tattoo history, all the large boards which are 16" x 20" (which there was 11 of, all originals) and a 10 page set that was Marquand’s first set that were all 11”x 17” and also originals.
Sheet’s now reside with the collections of Dana Brunson, Buddy Wheeler, the Triangle Tattoo Museum and Nick Ackman all from the US. I have nothing to do with the casting process but would love to see some great tattooers on the show this season, I know a lot of good tattooers turned it down before, and I understand, but if you think you could be up for the challenge it is fuckin' fun and an amazing experience. And of course the more good tattooers we get on here the better it is for the tattoo community.
My sibling and I are known for our loudmouths and obscene heckling, so the secret club spread like wildfire. People started posting pictures and then pictures of the customers and their accounts and the things they had said or done.
A few days later I’m driving to work when I run into one of my compadres who looked as if he was leaving early, I asked him if he as sick or something, and he was like, “Nah, you will find out.” I looked at him all puzzled and he told me how they had pulled him out of his office and into some dungeon inside our building, and was interviewed by three people, two of which had come down from corporate (which was 90 miles away). Everyone who knows O’Peck knows that he lives a rare sort of tattoo life, full of travel, adventure and goddamn great tattoos! Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez and myself all had a great time, we got along well & are all lookin’ forward to doing it again. But I knew that they had a lot of control in the editing so I was concerned on how it would come across in the end. I ride motorcycles and love motorcycles more than almost anything in the world and all the motorcycle-themed TV shows fuckin’ suck! The only problem I had is that they stated these were the top 10 tattooers from all over the world! Amsterdam is that city where for the first time in my life I felt like I could have died from partying.
I sat there after the first two shots, thinking they were fireworks, as everyone ran out of the bar, like a bunch of gazelles.
The touts call out, they try to sell weed, or treks, or tours, or paintings – it’s the same the world over. She’s maybe 10 years old now and she’ll be the Goddess until she menstruates and then a new Goddess will be chosen, she lives in a square temple with a courtyard and her feet are not allowed to touch the ground outside of her home, she’s taken out every so often and is carried around the square by he guards while throngs of people worship her. I thought I would be alone and solitary but I was surrounded by Nepalese people of all ages in a small little restaurant that was closed to the public. Two straight years on the road, can play with your head, it can make you stronger and it can scare the shit out of you with mind chattering solitude. I’ll be there for a month, working on a project for TAM and after that my friend Mariano and I will head into Sao Paulo together where I’ll attempt to meet some real bad-ass motherfuckers. There’s a lot of stories to tell, some of them amazing, some humorous, some sad, some perverse.
Which means I’m moving to NYC and I couldn’t be happier with either of those things, it’s time for me to throw an anchor. The old school tattoo flash ideas we will talk about below are all from the 1920s through the 1950s and represent some of the first and more popular tattoos in the United States of America. As an idea for a heart old school tattoo flash from the past, try a heart with a small black border around it with a small white banner at about a 45 degree angle across the heart with the letters MOM in the center of the banner. Most sailors would add their ship number to the bottom of the anchor as soon as they could. She was true blooded and powerful and would remind the boy what was waiting at home for them.
As an example of roses old school tattoo flash, try a red rose with two green leafs seen from above with a white banner over the top of the rose. There are tribute, tribal, religious, comical, wildlife, marine and so many more categories of tattoos for men to consider.
The primal gods of ancient civilizations endured lives filled with maniacal beasts, surreal landscapes and an ever-changing world of magic and dark sorcery.
Artists like Paul Booth, Paul Acker, Scottso, Ron Russo and a few others (including myself) specialize in horror. We get to hang out with the likes of Kane Hodder, Bruce Campbell and Gunnar Hanson, blow our money on cool merchandise, visit the nearby Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Universal Studios, have late night drinks at the hotel pool bar and forget the outside world, at least for the weekend.
Colin has done everything from making killer tattoos to passionately assisting Horitaka in his many media and publishing endeavors. I really work hard to be able to do anything that walks in the door well, whether it be Japanese, traditional, or fine-line black and gray. I think it is very important to keep traditions and to uphold certain standards and ideals in tattooing. I was in London a few years ago and I was out to dinner with a big group of people and heard Tim Hendricks talking about machines and the importance of knowing how they work and building them from scratch. I had basic welding and mechanical knowledge and skills already, so eventually (very recently) I began to build machines from scratch.
The lobby is covered floor to ceiling with flash, some old, some new, but all images that capture your eye. Instead of, “oh can I sit here?” it would come out, “I’m sitting here, anyone got a fucking problem with that?" That’s just the way it was. He was owner of Addictive Tattoo, also in London, as well as being my co-worker, partner and mentor….
I and everyone that had the opportunity to know him are beside themselves with devastation. He was perpetually industrious, his diligence and dedication to hard work are an example to be followed, in proving that you can obtain anything you dream, if you choose to.
He’s the kind of dauntless person that only ever wanted to tattoo, has never done anything BUT tattoo, and was only ever meant to TATTOO.
And, as fate would have it, said tattooer contacted him and asked him if he wanted to move to London, indefinitely, and work at his family’s shop Blue Dragon. I would be deeply appreciative if you would consider including him in your magazine in an artist article.

Whether they’re custom handmades, rebuilds, cast or CNC, there’s no denying he was TRULY obsessed. A large portion of the collection was sold or traded off and eventually what was left wound up back into the hands of Michel Dewitz. Brett Stewart from Australia, Jimmie Skuse from the Bristol Tattoo Club and Paul Shudehill from Rambo’s Tattoo Museum, both in England, and the last two reside at the Northwest Tattoo Museum here in the US as well. Well, one day I came up with the quaint little idea of creating a group on the budding social media site, as this was a new phenomena, I thought to myself this will be a grand idea. Before we knew it 90-200-plus employees of this grand company from across America had joined my creation. But what set it off was when a well-known employee who was known for being a “heavy snacker” was fired for schedule negligence on a mishap was rehired as it was looked over as a mistake. Two days after that I learned that 60-plus employees of the company had been terminated because of my doing. Well first; I don't have a television at my house and I haven't had one, or cable or satellite in over a decade… So my opinion of what is on TV is not really relevant most of the time, but when I was approached to be a judge on Ink Master I had to really think about its, pros and cons, getting paid and exposure, criticism of my peers. With my limited knowledge of "Reality TV", (which most of us know the term "reality" is used loosely), I think it is silly, so my expectations for the outcome of the show weren’t really that high.
That’s what I do, it’s how I can travel for two god damn years straight, without a home and out of a bag.
After that: It was pure relaxation, I took a bus to Lake Pokhara, to spend New Years Eve at the foot of the Himalayas. I tattooed a local guy there, using his own equipment, shared some knowledge with some of the tattooers there, fixed a local dudes machines, got drunk on some fermented toasted rice liquor, liquor that felt so good on those cold nights. It was a private party and I was invited and welcomed and received hugs and drinks and companionship. My best friends picked me up at the airport, we ate Mexican food and drank margaritas for breakfast.
Seeing Idle Hand in motion reminded me how special that fucking shop is and it was a pleasure to be a part of it again.
And I’m excited, it’s frustrating to carry this fucking backpack around, but it’s almost always worth it. There are so many – and they’re all mixed up between the life I had before and the life that I have now, I got a second lifetime after I spilt up with my ex-wife, and I think this trip – all of this time away was a way to learn that. Some do drugs, some drink, some get married and have kids, others get married and divorced some fuck hookers and others don’t get laid very often.
The swallow tattoo idea we will discuss here was popular with sailors in the 1930s and 1940s in the merchant marine and the U.S. As an anchor old school tattoo flash design idea we will try an anchor with the shank and arm in grey ink and the palm in black, the wooden stock in brown, and a twisting section of chain around the anchor, the letters and numbers BB-39 below the anchor. As a pin up girl old school tattoo flash idea let’s use Rosie in a side view with her classic red bandanna and blue mechanic shirt flexing her bicep muscle.
Be sure a visit the galleries and additional ideas to create the perfect old school tattoo flash that is right for you. Skulls, demons and grim reapers have been fixtures in tattooing ever since before the Bowery days.
Many other young tattooers are starting to tattoo looking for fame and glory because of the bullshit they see on TV, which really bums me out.
I learn so much with every new machine, and as a result each machine gets better and better. I can’t even begin to express my feelings of grief, so for me, as a way of honoring him, I am doing this. Never the less he is also the type of character to never be quite satisfied, and believes that if you become satisfied, you won’t continue to grow.
Of course this was a dream for him at the time, working in a shop, so he moved promptly and began work for a busy summer, and subsequently worked there for two years, meanwhile being fired and rehired TWICE, and after the second firing, ambitious as he is, he decided to up the ante and open his own shop at 23 years old.
Of all the artists I know he sticks out as profoundly inspiring, dedicated, ALWAYS striving to improve and be better, and he was the most deserving of this recognition. So about an hour into work that day, someone came into my office and told me to grab my stuff and come with them, I was taken to the aforementioned dungeon. But before we even get going, I asked him to make a few comments on his personal experience of doing the Ink Master television show, just to get it out-of-the-way. I also went into this knowing that the show was marketed towards the general public, not the tattooing community. I get to a place and I adjust, turn my own dials and become comfortable with what’s around me. I worked there for about a week and a half with late nights fueled by the temptations of my surroundings.
The shop itself and the vibe there will tear your ass apart, break you down, leave you hungover, and provide a place to stay when there’s no where else to go.
This will make a great anchor old school tattoo flash design you will be proud to show off. I strongly believe you have to put in the hard work to be worthy of this craft; the countless hours of drawing, searching for BOOKS for reference, understanding the tools and knowing and understanding who and what has come before you. Eventually, when I'm 100 percent confident with my machines, I will start to build them to sell. Some particular pages caught my eyes that were painted by Krooked Ken, pages he had painted from old Stoney Sinclair designs.
I think in his youth he worked in a factory for a total of three days before he was back to tattooing. Not to mention his tattoos are killer and I'm sure viewers would unanimously agree that they are pretty mouth-watering. You’ll have to figure it out like I did.” He had a pretty high standard, both esthetically and technically. In me, in everyone he knew, in what he taught me, in what he taught everyone around him, all of the people’s lives he touched and the magnitude of the effect his person left on anyone that came into contact with him. I know a lot of great tattooers that turned down this show, so they shouldn’t complain about who is on the show.
I did the same in Amsterdam, I went from the peace and quiet of Helsingor, Denmark – went to the craziness of the XXX city of Amsterdam, where I was welcomed by Henk and Louise Schiffmacher, Tattoo Molly, Yushi, Chris Danley, Danny Boy, Dringenberg and the rest of the crew at the museum. The same reason for almost every incredible experience I’ve had since I left home: Tattoos. I made it a month-and-a-fucking-half, I made plans to leave in the first three weeks of being home.
I suppose in the end that’s the common thread, the people I look up to, no matter how they go about it: they work their asses off. The meaning held then was that the swallows would greet them after a long journey well before the sailors could see land.
I love Stoney's work, and his attitude toward tattooing, so this put a huge smile on my face, like a giddy kid. Jay was exceedingly humble, and because of my respect for him I’m doing this on his behalf.
Much like many other tattoo artists of his generation he started tattooing on his own, purchasing equipment at the tender age of 17, in Toronto, Ontario--15 minutes away from his hometown of Oakville, Ontario. He collected coins from ancient to present date from every continent to solder onto a side plate or tube vice screw, or every kind of money, reptile skin or even q-card with religious imagery on it to wrap perfectly onto his coils.
So his designs were sold to tattoo studios around the country, and the world through Moore’s CTSH, with only “CTSH” to mark the pages.
I started laughing and acting nonchalantly, as I knew my time was up and I wanted to go out all guns blazing. I fall on my knees in front of that god of tattoos that has watched over me and provided for me in almost every one of these countries I’ve been to. Some like whip-shading, some like smooth gradations, rotaries, coils, some show mad respect, some are pirates and others are family folk – it goes on and on. Try a swallow in flight looking down at it with it’s back arched and wings in the middle of the stroke with the head a bill pointing up. You really can take any machine, even if it’s from a factory assembly line in China, and make it run good, with the right knowledge. Every day was another trip to the second-hand store or flea market to see what kind of brass treasures could be found, like old filigree door knockers or candle holders with beautiful designs, so he could cut them down and braze them back together to make a cool upright or a full on frame.
At this time I am trying to find as many catalogues from CTSH as I can to try to find the sheets Marquand did. Shortages on gasoline, leave people waiting to get a half a tank of gasoline (the ration) for hours and hours.
The top of the wings and body in dark ink or you can add a little light blue on the head and on the side of the body for cool swallows old school tattoo flash. No matter how many people were tattooing, it could even be just one, everyone there was participating, talking shit and laughing.
By a fluke he met another tattooer -the son of a shop owner from London, Ontario, at a Metallica concert. The producers obviously want characters that will be good on TV, they want it to be interesting, entertaining, and possibly a little informative for people to watch, which I think it was. Two years clocked on, during which he had been tattooing a surplus of people, friends or whoever was ready to let him hone his artistic skills on their skin. And was lucky to be able to follow him around in that converted garage, many times long into the night. He would have close friends, fellow tattooers or other machine enthusiasts come out to have the same pleasure, and usually were lucky enough to leave with a custom machine they would make together.

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