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Transplanted New Yorker Kurt Fagerland is a multi-talented artist who executes his craft across a broad spectrum of visual media. A native of Long Island, Kurt earned a bachelora€™s degree in fine arts with a minor in art education from New York Institute of Technology. As a painter and illustrator, he works in oils, watercolors, acrylics, and spray paint a€“ a€?just about any kind of paint I can get my hands on.a€? He is a sculptor and carver as well, typically creating works of wood or stone.
Upon graduation, Kurt continued his worldly education with stints as a carpenter, a forklift driver, a construction landscaper, and a deckhand on an exploratory engineering vessel.

He keeps himself fresh and creatively stimulated with annual guest visits to other locations, primarily New York and Norway, his fathera€™s native home.
He has attracted a strong clientele in both locations and his visits to both are extremely popular.
Kurt began his career as a tattoo artist with a working apprenticeship under Cort Bengtson at Corta€™s Royal Ink Tattoo Studio in Patchogue, NY, developing a solid clientele in his two years there. He then embarked on a period of travel, doing guest sessions at a variety of studios in the U.S.

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