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The Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo will return to Melbourne for its third year of special guests, entertainment, and of course, tattoos, late this November. Featuring everything from burlesque performances to a kids corner, this year's expo will welcome guests from around the world, including pinup model Sabina Kelley and tattoo artist Randy Engelhard. Get inked from Friday November 29 to Sunday December 1 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Through all of this activity, I pretty much became addicted to drawing and studying tattoo designs.
I failed every time but I didn't care – I met every important tattooist in Melbourne and Perth and collected business cards along the way. Pretty much everything, from good conversations with creative people, to traveling to amazing places. I have hundreds, but I have been lucky to have met and worked with Brian Graydon for over 10 years now. I've recently been very interested in getting the word "dream" with a star on the inside of my wrist in white ink.
I think white tattoos can work, you're just going to have to go in for more touch ups and take of it well. I have a friend who says she has a friend who has fairly dark skin, and her white ink tattoo shows up pretty well.
I think they're cool, but I think they're hard to do right, and I don't think they all look good. On the left is brand new (still red from having it done that day), and on the right is healed.

Thanks for all your advice guys, I went ahead and got it, and it's not completely done healing yet but looks good for the most part. Fifteen finalists share a total of $60,000 in cash prizes: first place receives $20,000, second and third place winners receive $10,000 and $6,000 respectively, and the remaining twelve artists receive $2,000 each in awards of excellence.
The HCAC Exhibits Committee meets quarterly to review applications and select artists for the exhibit space. I was living in Perth at the time, painting murals, doing graffiti, working as a sign writer, skating, delivering pizza – and playing in a band. I would spend hours at the State Library studying indigenous tattooing, primitive scarification, body modification and pretty much anything I could find about cultural and folk art from every country possible. Tattooing is all over the world and nearly every country has had it as part of its cultural development.
Being that it is white, if it does kind of fade or get a yellow tone to it, it's always easy to cover up with another color someday. I know that if you expose them to UV that they will fade really easily, but I wonder if they run the risk of eventully fading completely? The color has showed up pretty well, but I'm going to go get it redone 2 more times to really get some good color going. I think I might have messed up the star from sleeping, so I'm already planning on getting that part touched up. We have over 200,000 members from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all over the world.
Winners attend a two-day all-expenses paid professional development workshop in Washington, DC, with guest lecturer and teaching artist opportunities.

Artists, ages 18 and older, working in all media and styles including time-based and installation artists, are encouraged to apply either individually or as a group.
This sped up my learning and confidence with dealing with every type of situation and personality. Some artists won't even use white ink often because of how hard it can be to use it correctly. Back then there were no books, no blogs, no computers – you were judged on face-value, and most times criticised.
We have world-class tattooists flowing through Melbourne, who come and work with us here, naming- Adam Kitamoto, Mick Squires, Jaclyn Rehe, Shannon Richmond, Dave Undead, Sophia Baughan, Miles Monaghan, LOZ and Luke Muller. Most tattooists I know have a similar story – it is sheer drive and determination that gets you to where you want to be.
Then there's our full timers - Alvaro Flores, Teniele Sadd, Ozzy, Benny Bones and Clare Clarity, and this can only happen with the talented skills of Lauren Darling pulling the whole ball of artistic kaos together. It’s a Navy port, so most of the pork-chop shops would be quiet all year, then with two weeks notice – boom!

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