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I was commissioned to do this fun tattoo design and use whatever I wanted on it as long as it had the three exact images on the books up close.
Japanese Style Sketchbook #1 by UEOJapanese Style Sketchbook from Italy based tattooer UEO - This book is printed on heavy card stock paper, metal spiral bound wih a clear protective cover.
While this book is small and seems expensive for its size (only 6" X 8"), it's printed on thick cardstock pages and loaded with intricate script goodness by masters of lettering, Boog and Norm. Some Beautiful work submitted by East Tattoo for our Tamasii VOl.01 Japanese (Asian) Tattoo Inspiration Book. When not Travelling, I am mainly in Miyazaki but am also available for some appointments in Tokyo on Request.
Many people choose zodiac symbol tattoos to show-case an important piece of their identity.

It's widely accepted today that your birth chart can tell you and others a great deal about how you carry yourself in the world and how you deal with life's challenges. If you like this post on zodiac symbol tattoos, please be kind it enough to share it, tweet it, or link to it. One in a series of ring-bound flash and outline reference books from Italy, created with the professional shop or tattoo artist in mind.
This particular book contains a wide collection of religious tattoo designs, done in many different tattoo styles.
On a side note, many people asked me to buy some of the designs that are displayed on this site.
The zodiac signs from Aries through to Pisces provide information about the basic differences that exist between people, and can lead to deeper self-knowledge and awareness.

It's really about our own personal development and the underlying principle behind the practice of astrology is the idea that we consciously evolve as we journey through the zodiac. Its is not always possible, but you are welcome to submit your questions as I do have some originals and some scans available. The sequential order of the signs of the zodiac symbolises the various stages in this process.

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