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Have you ever struggled to find a special bunch of flowers to present to a loved one on but not been able to find one that stands out enough to make an impression? For those born in January, the carnation is your birth flower and these will vary in meaning subject to the color.
The daisy has long been a popular image favored in many tattoo designs but as a birth flower it represents the month of April along with the Sweet Pea. The blue or orange Larkspur is the birth flower for anyone born in July and this spiky unusual shaped flower means lightheartedness and humor.
Get this gladiolus august birth flower tattoo picture checkoutmyink for free in Good resolution. These are happy flowers with connotations of modesty and innocence and Gerbera daisies in particular are a favorite with many. The magnificent Gladiolus resembles a gladiator’s sword and come in an abundance of colors; this represents remembrance and is August’s birth flower.
Every month, has a flower representing it so birth flowers actually relate to the month you were born.

February has two similar flowers for anyone born at this time of year, the iris and the violet. For those born in May, Lily of the Valley, or lilies in general are delicate flowers symbolizing the return of happiness or represent one who is sweet and innocent. The Latin word for star is aster, and this is the name of the star shaped flower that represents the month of September. For anyone considering a floral tattoo design then birth flower tattoos are ideal if you want one that is special for you as an individual.  Let us take a look at these in more detail. The former means faith, hope and wisdom but iris is also Greek for rainbow and both herald the arrival of spring. Roses are another favorite tattoo design with different colors having different meanings and those born in June could opt for a passionate red for love and romance, pink for platonic love, purple for protection and paternal love or white for friendship.
Most commonly associated with patience and delicacy, the leaves of this plant were also believed to offer protection from evil so they were often burned for this reason in ancient times.
The daffodil represents the month of March and as the first flower of the year it is also related to spring but symbolizes hope and rebirth too.

The marigold or calendula was considered to be sacred in some cultures and means winning grace, however it is also known as summer bride, bull’s eyes and Mary bud. These will all make colorful birth flower tattoos that not only look good but will have a personal significance to the wearer too.
Chrysanthemums make lovely birth flower tattoos for those born in November and come in yellow, red and white signifying compassion and friendship. Finally for those born at the end of the year December’s flower is the white Narcissus and sending one means you think the recipient is sweet but these are also popular flowers at Christmas time as an alternative to the more commonly recognized poinsettia.

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