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Andy Zint  a local  tattoo artist at Tattoo Cafe'  in Cleveland, Ohio.  He has been tattooing professionally since 2008.
I had wanted an “industrial” piercing, as well as several other piercings, for as long as I can remember but, was always too scared when it came down to actually getting them done! Andy did my tattoo last night and I must it was the best experience I’ve had getting a tat.
Andy did my nipple piercings back in November and he was hilarious, professional, and made me feel totally zen throughout the entire process.

He gave me straightforward instructions regarding aftercare and even told me to call him personally if I needed anything. Aside from the fact that, Andy is one of thee kindest people you’ll EVER meet, it’s also FACT that, he knows his business!
I realized that he didnt wrap my tat up with anything, but I figured hey, he knows what hes doing.
Andy did do my ‘industrial for me and, when he did he took the time, that I NEEDED, to not only explain EVERY aspect of this piercing to me, but more importantly to address ALL of the concerns that I had!

I then ended up bruising behind my tattoo, and after the peeling stage, you can barely see what is there.

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