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Learn about the healing stages of tattoos so you can avoid infection and wind up with a terrific looking tat. Actually getting your tattoo is truly the highlight of the entire inking process, but you're not finished once you walk out of the shop door.
Although people tend to heal at different rates, the first healing stage of a tattoo usually lasts about one week as long as an infection doesn't set in. Overall, the healing stages of tattoos stretch out over a three to four week period, and taking special care of your tat during this time is essential to preserve the wonderful work your tattoo artist has created. After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Cream & Piercing Spray (UK)Making Tattoos Look Better & Brighter For Longer!
The primary purpose of the bandage is to catch any fluids, since new tattoos ooze and weep clear plasma and excess ink. Stage two of the tattoo healing process is usually where people start to notice an itchy tattoo. If your tattoo burns or swells after the first stage of healing, be sure to consult your tattoo artist or your doctor about what to do—sometimes it is a sign of infection. It’s very important to know how to care for a tattoo, since your tattoo aftercare will affect how your tattoo ends up looking.
In fact, you're at the beginning of a healing process that will likely last anywhere from three to four weeks, and you'll need to take special care of your new body art during this time to ensure it looks its best once that healing has finished.

At this point, you can consider the area an open wound, and you'll need to treat it accordingly.
If you find the pain is more than you expected, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever. At this point, the scabs are well formed and probably just beginning to flake off - a process that will continue for about a week. By this point, most or all of the scabs have fallen away from your tat, although the area may still be slightly dry and mildly tender. If you experience any symptoms beyond those mentioned here, contact your artist right away.
In this initial stage, the tattoo is remained covered with a plastic wrap for at least 24 hours. If you do not treat your tattoo right during this time, you can experience issues like infection or loss of color. One to four days after the itching starts, the skin starts peeling, and this makes the itching worse. This will encourage that final layer of dead skin to fall off, and it will prevent your tattoo from getting overly dry.
The tattoo healing process takes time, and during that time you might be dissatisfied with the color of your tattoo. We have dozens of tattoo design galleries (such as the White Ink or Small Tattoos Articles), information on getting a tattoo and even several historical articles of ink as art! Understanding the healing stages of tattoos gives you a better idea of what to expect in the days and weeks to come. You may notice that your ink no longer looks as vibrant as it did when it was first finished, and this is natural.
Although he or she likely isn't a licensed physician, tattoo artists are very familiar with the signs of normal healing versus the signs of a burgeoning infection.
During this time, the tattoo may bleed and the bandage may need to be changed if it gets soaked up. Cleanse the area around your tattoo one to two times a day, and make sure to apply fresh bandages after each cleansing. If you choose to forgo bandages, make sure nothing touches your tattoo that might not be sterile—this includes towels and unwashed hands. Although it might be annoying, an itchy tattoo indicates that your skin is naturally recovering. Since you cannot scratch it, you can alleviate the itching and reduce the peeling by applying an approved moisturizer. Your skin is being pulled tighter as it binds and heals together, making it incredibly itchy.
There will still be a few layers of healed skin between the colored areas and the tattoo, but these will fall off on its own. We never encountered any issue with their aftercare line and therefore we can safely recommend using them.
Keep in mind that the true colors of your tattoo will emerge only after your skin sheds off naturally—a process that takes weeks and sometimes months, depending on the location of your body. Most artists recommend you keep the area covered for the first twenty-hours, although you will likely need to change the bandage because a fresh tat usually bleeds and weeps a bit. There is typically still a layer of dead skin over the tattoo at this point that obscures it a bit, but once that layer naturally sloughs away you'll see what your new tattoo really looks like.
If your artist believes you have an infection, you'll be given directions about how to care for the area topically, as well as cautioned to visit your family doctor if the situation warrants it.

In some individuals, the area may still be sensitive because the skin continues to heal completely. Although the stages of tattoo healing may differ with each area of the body and with each person, the general rule is to keep it hygienic and protected during this time.
You need to understand the stages of tattoo healing and aftercare tips that ensure a healthy and good-looking tattoo.
In general, you want to wear a sterile bandage for up to twenty-four hours, and then reduce how long you keep the bandage on over the course of two to three more days. Scabs will gradually form over your tattoo, and it’s important not to pick or scratch at them. You have to resist itching and scratching during this stage, since doing so may end up damaging the colors or even form of your tattoo.
In most cases, tattoo artists will recommend an anti-bacterial ointment that is safe to apply to your tattoo. That white film is a layer of healing skin that hasn’t absorbed the same amount of ink as deeper layers of skin. Remember that your main tattoo is deep in the skin, where the skin starts to grow—you have to grow into a tattoo before you start to see its true colors. Moisturizing will take care of this naturally, and encourage any remaining scabs to fall off on their own. If you allow the bandage to soak up too much fluid, it may wind up sticking to your skin, and this is definitely not good for the healing process. Just gently hand wash the area once or twice a day with a very mild soap, pat dry with a fresh paper towel and gently dab on a light amount of the moisturizing aftercare lotion your artist recommends.
The time varies depending on the size of your tattoo, so consult your tattoo artist about this. Simply use a gentle soap to cleanse the area and use proper moisturizer during this stage to encourage healing and prevent infection.
This works to s often your skin, reduce itching and peeling, and prevent infection while your tattoo finishes healing. Once it manages to shed naturally, your tattoo will look as vibrant as it was when you first got it.
After all, we get a commission from amazon if you buy via our link, which puts our recommendation into a somewhat bias light.
It’s worthwhile reading the other reviews to get a more complete picture (one opinion is good, a few hundred better!). The total healing time for most tattoos is three to four weeks, with larger and deeper tattoos taking closer to four weeks to completely heal. There are various tattoo aftercare products in the market to support the skin healing process and fight infections before they arise at all.
Have a look at our Tattoo Aftercare Products Review to see which of the available products fit your needs!
Again, please read the instructions carefully and, if you have known allergies, check the ingredient. Scratching can cause damage and ultimately spoil the look of your tattoo by the time healing is complete. If you get too annoyed, just apply that moisturizer and wait it out—it will all peel and fall off on its own, without your intervention, and the end result is worth it. If you have any kind of special allergy, please make sure you inform yourself about all ingredients before you use any product.

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