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Just one more session left on my shaman, by Christopher Malice of Gaslight Gallery in Houston, TX. First big girl tattoo, a bluebird – Done by Ross Jenkins at Freestyle Tattoo in Canberra. I went to art school, was doing art for bands and a few magazines, when Chad Divel, a tattoo artist at Visual Addiction in Carlisle, PA first brought me into this world. It is true that some great artists learn without an apprenticeship, but they all seem to agree that they would have gotten much further and much faster if they had a real apprenticeship. The problem is apprenticeships are very hard to get and they can be very hard and abusive on the apprentice. The reason that apprenticeships are hard to get is so that when you finally get one, you will be appreciative and will most likely work harder at it. Tattooing is not only a special, time-honored craft with a rich history and tradition, it is a brotherhood.
You are right about one thing, tattoo apprenticeships are not for everybody… they are for those who truly appreciate and RESPECT the art and profession of tattooing, all others need to stay the hell out of our profession.
What might it cost YOU (not to mention your ‘customers’) if YOU are unprepared for the REALITIES of such a complex profession?? Of course, in this day and age, it’ll cost you lawyer fees (because you can be and SHOULD BE sued by the people you fuck up), your lifelong reputation, and any hope of professional respect. Would you trust your brakes to a guy fresh out of a two week auto repair school who had never fixed a car before?
I hope you don’t ever receive your training because a lazy tattoo artist is a shitty tattoo artist! This is the attitude that is fucking up the craft we have worked so hard at and went through hell to learn thats makes us passionate about it. So to get to the point, who cares what shows and what schools are being put out and marketed.
Researchers calculated the kinetic energy dissipated by a single raindrop and put it together with precipitation rates around the world. I think this is best available on smallish bodies of water, such as lakes, where wind is usually the cause for wave action.
Could the loss of heat to the air be related the large amount of energy necessary to heat up a small amount of water? Also at first the rain drops may evaporate at lower altitudes, but once humidity is 100 % well, does it go to 101 or no? It seems to me that once the rain hits the ground any heat energy would have to go to the air.
The reason the kinetic energy of the air decreases is because the heat from friction from the air is what is supplying the energy of condensation of the raindrop.

80beats80beats is DISCOVER's news aggregator, weaving together the choicest tidbits from the best articles covering the day's most compelling topics. Most are embarrassed by it, and all of them learned humility through the pitfalls and mistakes they made. If kids are stupid enough to imitate programs like Jackass, they will watch one episode of some highly scripted TV show, pull up e-Bay on their computer and buy a kit full of cheap junk. Most of the cleaning jobs you are given during an apprenticeship are to teach you cross contamination, or sterility techniques. I got my auto technology degree from a GM-run program that candidates had to test into (100+ applicants for 20 positions in my class). In apprenticeships you have the ability to be taught by a person that has dedicated years and years of their life to refining and perfecting their craft and you think you should be able to just learn all of that in a couple months and not have to pay a price for it? If you are 100% committed and dedicated to making this craft your life, then doing bitchwork should be no problem in exchange for the plethora of valuable advice and knowledge that you will ultimately gain in a shop setting. Since satellite precipitation data also show the height from which rain started falling, the researchers could plug how far raindrops fell into their energy calculations. During heavy rainfall, I notice the water surface calms right down, in part because of the mediating nature of raindrops on the lake, but also because of less wind.
Also, don’t raindrops start as ice in the clouds, so by the time they reach us they have gained lots of energy. None of this matters however if the amount of energy being added to the system by solar radiation causes a catastrophic increase in atmospheric temperature. Hell, if half the people on TV can do it, an actual school should be able to teach the essentials in two weeks! College courses take a good four years. More likely, you will get some scarred up shit-nugget that a kindergartener could have drawn better.
Getting verbally abused is to get you to not flip out down the road when a customer tells you your drawing looks like shit.
After you got in, there was a mandatory two year shop apprenticeship at a dealer during your education. Tattooing improperly can bring you much more than a permanent piece of bad work on your client’s skin, it can bring you or them Hep C, HIV, you name it.
But friction works both ways—falling raindrops also slow down the movement of air molecules in the atmosphere. It all adds up across the whole globe: the researchers estimate the total rate of energy dissipation from rainfall to be 1015 Watts.
Although I guess that it could be argued that this would lead to a massive increase in evaporation and therefore cloud and that this would act as a counter to the increased temperature.
I am genuinely embarrassed by some of the stuff I did in my first couple years of tattooing.

Many people apprentice for years and go nowhere – there has to be a better way than only apprenticeships. All the things that a mentor will do during your apprenticeship is done to shape you into a knowledgeable professional.
Meaning that anyone who wants to get into a field or trade, has that right, as long as they follow state and federal regulations. Once you start tattooing, if you werent an artist before, you entered into the world of art.
That’s a lot of energy, but still unlikely to affect major weather phenomena like hurricanes or tornados. Please take the advice of people that have gone down that path, and apprentice the right way.
It wasn’t expensive as degree programs go but it was very challenging, and the result was a comprehensive and proper education. I’ve been an ASE Master tech for 15 years now and have owned or run three successful shops because of that education and that apprenticeship.
Not to mention tattooing is a highly technical field whether you want to accept it or not, there a million and one different things to be learned, not just health safety.
Plus I’m starting to notice that the novelty soon wears off when they realize it’s a lot harder than it looks!! If you have actually studied tattooing and the people in the industry, a good majority of the pros you see in magazines now, learned at home and only been tattooing for 5-10 years. On the other hand, there are some people that followed an apprenticeship, been tattooing for 20 years, and the quality of thier tattoos are still somewhat poor. Same with the customers that will eventually be getting horrible tattoos from these tattoo school idiots; people who are after a cheap tattoo will get what they deserve: a cheap tattoo! So basically every town and city worldwide is gonna be over-run with tattoo shops within the next 3 years??
Guess they don’t cover that there… So these people will be working from home, giving people diseases because they have no idea about hygiene and cross-contamination and doing crap tattoos to boot!! The funniest part of this so-called article, 4 or 5 paragraphs, is you honestly think you are like a doctor.

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