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Share It !1904985.4k00This article will assess 100 photos of tattoos meant to express the joy, pain, or strength of love. A broken heart exposes a rib cage, the concept seems a bit odd to me, but it is good work overall. The outline of a blue heart is depicted on the wearers’ ring fingers in this tattoo set. Sheet music complete with musical staff and notes is portrayed in black ink on the wearers’ wrists.
Some people really love animals, so much so that they feel the compulsion to permanently express that love through body art, for instance this wearer decided to express their love for animals by weaving an infinity sign through a heart and pair of dog paws. A full color tattoo depicts a sword piercing through a winged heart on the wearer’s chest.
Countless black heart outlines overlap one another to create a surreal tattoo on the wearer’s bicep in this tattoo.
A very small, completely blacked out heart is pictured between the first and second knuckles of the thumb on the wearer’s left hand. A tattoo set depicts black heart outlines imitating a pencil sketch filled with vivid imitation water colors with one heart containing the colors and the other being surrounded by colors. A crudely drawn set of people hold a crudely drawn heart between them and the childlike piece is located on the back of the wearer’s right ankle. Tattooing knees is not an easy task and these deplorable example of hearts are evidence of that fact.
A blacked out heart is depicted on the wearer’s heel in this tattoo that is most likely rarely seen. The wearers each have a half a heart tattooed on their ring fingers so when their fingers are interlocked they create a whole heart.
Arguably the most recognizable pair of mouse gloves in the world form the shape of a heart with the fingers on the wearer’s right shoulder blade.
A completely red heart is depicted on the wearer’s forearm, the heart looks a little wider than a normal heart symbol and the sides are a little uneven.
A life bar from the game franchise Legend of Zelda is followed by an extra life mushroom from the famous Mario game series.
Another example of a heart tattoo on the bottom of a wearer’s foot, this time the heart is red with a black outline and accented by leaves on the left and right side.
A knurled black and gray tree has a noose hanging from an outstretched limb that is wrapped around an intensely red heart.
An ink blot utilizes negative space to depict a heart that is accompanied by a crosshatch pattern and a series of dots.
This couple has a the king and queen of heart symbols tattooed on their middle fingers using a traditional red color in this tattoo set.
Symmetrical, good color distribution, this pair of hearts adorns the wearer’s wrist and uses a bolder line near the top of the hearts to embolden the images.
Heart outlines are depicted on the wearers’ ring fingers in blue ink in this matching tattoo set. Another example of the king and queen of hearts symbols being tattooed on the wearers’ fingers, however, this couple has tattooed the images onto their ring fingers. A pair of overlapping hearts are embellished with scrolls and created using black ink near the wearer’s right hip bone.
A black heart outline is depicted next to a set of parentheses containing a heart colored red. This inventive piece adds a sense of complexity to the classic heart shape by fragmenting the piece with geometric shapes and coloring the piece with a vivid imitation of watercolors.
A stylized depiction of a heart is created using black and gray colors and accented red ink and aortas. A pixelated heart used to represent the life bar in Legend of Zelda is inked on the wearer’s forearm. I will commend whoever did this because it is an efficient way to preview a tattoo, however, I will also condemn them for not having the courage to get a real tattoo. This tattoo is reminiscent of the style of graffiti created by kids walking around with over-sized markers in their pocket, and I dig the piece. A stylized, red heart is pictured behind the wearer’s ear and is embellished with a set of horns, a devil tail, and a series of black dots.
A red heart is drawn with a tube of MAC lipstick in this piece that professes love and consumer loyalty. I have never been good at math, which is one of the many reasons I became a writer, but this tattoo seems to a mathematical equation that spells out the word love. Silhouettes of birds are pictured connected by a pink and blue line from left to right respectively. An ornate key and heart shaped lock are shown on the wearer’s wrists in this tattoo set. This wearer’s rib cage includes the quotes Love is patient, kind, it does not boast, it is not rude, not self seeking, easily angered, it keeps no record anything, love never fails. This inventive piece depicts an oil derrick pulling a red fluid from the wearer’s heart on his chest. The heartbeat monitor from an EKG machine is pictured on the wearer’s wrist with the outline of a heart shown in the middle. Although someone may experience more pain to get a wrist tattoo as the wrist has less fat just like the foot, a wrist tattoo poses no more risk than any other placement location. The word love is a direct signage to reflect one’s attitudes, compassion and affection.
What makes me unbelievable in this tattoo is that the artist managed to shrink the complex world map on the tiny area of the wrist. Tattoo is not only a great way to express individuals but also a nice way to show union of friends or sisters.
Sister tattoos are often cute matching tattoos to celebrate the relationship of love, kinship and eternal. You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground … And I will be wing to keep your head in the clouds. Although it is originated in mathematics, the infinity symbol has be come a well known shape to signify anything forever, not only in tattoos, but also in graphic designs, crafts, etc. Female tattoos can range from cute and fun to beautiful and erotic, and they are great for women that want to show off their personality through a form of art.
There are many popular designs and ideas for women out there that plan on going to a tattoo studio to get a tattoo of their own.
Butterfly reminds of the mystery of nature and the richness of human imagination and is also associated with fire. The phoenix represents the sun, dying in flames at the end of the day and rising each morning and so instils positivism.
This funky little tattoo depicts endurance for pain and depicts a strong female personality. Stars are often encountered as symbols and the meaning of a particular star depends upon the number of points it has.
Flowers are the embodiment of nature and concise symbols of the cycle of birth, life, procreation, death and rebirth.
Within the language of herbal lore of the Chinese, the cherry blossom is the symbol of love. The lotus is universally accepted as a symbol of estranged love and the associated empty yearning it entails. The intricate interweaving shows no beginning and no end, reflective of the cycles of the seasons and of life.
A generally feminine tattoo design choice and a perennial favorite, a butterfly design depicts fire. The star has long been considered as a symbol of truth, spirit and of hope and the tattoo is a hot favorite among women. Paisley are like symbols resembling mangoes and are common with South Asian countries women, they depict passion.
A paw print tattoo is mostly symbolised as a tribute to a beloved pet cat or dog and is a common tattoo among pet lovers. One of the cutest tattoo design for women, this can easily be made to reflect your persona, or merged with an existing character. Flowers figure prominently as design motifs in most tattoo design genres and are consider feminine.

Star tattoos are one of the oldest preferred designs by women and depict spiritualism and hope. Preferred by adventurous and fun-loving women, these tattoo designs look cool and depict calmness. The koi tattoo symbolises courage, the ability to meet high goals and overcoming life’s difficulties. This is the perfect depiction of power of love and courage to overcome all odds with help of loved ones. A tattoo for all the women who want to pull everything together, the corset depicts a little something to stop everything from falling apart. A true depiction of limits, buttons are a preferred women tattoo design and highlight reserved and introvert natures. The little bird has been linked to health, wealth, loyalty, and the rigors of long-distance travel. As the spectrum of color is awesome, you can use the rainbow theme in an extraordinary variety of settings.
The oak symbolises strength, protection, wisdom, knowledge, sustenance, beauty, forgiveness, salvation, and growth. The symbol reminds of the mystery of nature and the richness of human imagination and wisdom. An angel is a symbol of devotion, spirituality and faith and signifies a relationship with God. These are very culturally significant and deeply symbolic and are a distinctive way for people to express their culture. Heart tattoos are not only representative of love, but also faith, passion, life, desire, and several other things. Tattoos on the foot usually denote connection with the roots and women who are well-connected with family go for these.
Magical tattoos depict a belief in the supernatural powers and women who are mysterious may prefer these. The dragon is a culturally far-ranging character whose apparent bad temper should be interpreted as simply amoral. A true depiction of the power of spirituality and the firm belief in the rules of nature and change. A depiction of feminism and a preferred cool pick for ladies who have been tortured in the past. The baby angel tattoos are often seen as child like or baby like in form, with wings and depict the child in a woman. Only someone with an extreme passion for something and who is bold can go for such a horror-struck tattoo. Pretty girls never go out of style especially when it comes to those classic tattoo pin-up girls.
The designs of peacock feather depict versatility and women of the same character prefer this tattoo.
I have 52 tats and I have one on my side that even goes across my rib cage and it did not hurt everyone has different pain tolerance, aia fell asleep during that tattoo. Make sure that the tattoo you want is something that means something to you, because you don’t want to regret what you get.
If its pictures, start getting a feel for what you would like, slowly pick them out (take your time!) Then work out how thewy are going to fit together on your body. Do the arm tattoo first, but make it so that later you can make it a full sleeve if you want to.
I am 19 and i dont have any tattoos and the first on i will be getting is on my foot and at the sametime the sencond one will be on my shoudler and i really would like to know if you get it on your foot if it hurts? Although the sentiment doesn’t seem malicious on this page, I have interpreted this as really quite ridiculous.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Today, I am writing a post about 50 best inspirational tattoo quote ideas as I think quote tattoos are one of the most loved and cherished pieces of art one can etch on his or her body. Earlier, it was quite rare to spot a person wearing quotes for tattoos as it was mostly restricted to our books or copies where one could find a hearty selection of beautiful quotations by famous personalities like Shakespeare and other big names.
Tattoo quotes or tattoo quote ideas are used by individuals to express what they feel and deserve. Quotes for tattoos come in different shapes and styles as you can spot from the post below.
Quotation tattoos have gained immense popularity in the recent years as these are considered personal and have a unique appearance when inked on any part of your body. There are tattoo quotes related to love, life and death and these look very engaging no matter where these are inked on your body. Tattoo quote ideas are much in demand and one must choose one quotation tattoo that he or she truly believes in. You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground … And I will be the wing to keep your head in the clouds.
When the tattoos are worn by two sisters, you know the meaning of of the double heart symbol. The heart of the elder sister can only be turned off by the key of the younger sister, bonded with the bracelet on their wrists.
The sister tattoos are featured with half Mandala circle tattooed on one sister and half on another, representing radial balance between the two sisters, their equal importance to each other.
The sister tattoo is featured with realistic feather and sister’s name bonded with infinity symbol.
From hearts to quotes, a wide array of love tattoos are critiqued to help you identify the best concepts and methods of execution for your next tattoo.
Ink blots are used to create the outline of the heart while smears of vivid pinks and purple color the tattoo.
An example of a simple concept with simple execution being enlivened by creative placement. The lock shows a hole for a skeleton key and is superimposed over a strip of cheetah print.
One of the tattoos is obviously higher than the other while the outlines are sloppy and misshapen and the color is poorly distributed. Many tattoo artists will refuse to tattoo the bottom of the foot because the constant motion of walking will wear the work away.
The piece is fairly simple, however, the heart is noticeably lopsided as the left side sits higher than the right.
The key is topped with a heart shape while the locket is heart shaped and adorned with scroll work.
I assume the line connecting the two silhouettes is a representation of the bird’s flight paths, which means these birds are either suffering from a frightful disease that directly impacts their equilibrium or they are hopelessly drunk.
What confuses me is the inexplicable existence of the feather in the design, I can only assume the wearer insisted upon the addition of the feather to jazz up the piece but they have only succeeded in confusing onlookers trying to decipher the meaning of their tattoo.
The aspect I find most impressive is the detail attributed to the teeth of the key, superior line work and shading adds a genuine sense of realism to the piece. Offsetting or staggering the letters could have easily fixed the problem while it may have been better to not get the tattoo in the first place because when your significant other isn’t around you just have a random pair of letters tatted on your hand.
Black and gray is used to portray the derrick and surrounding earth while the liquid being harvested is red. Wrist is one of popular place to get tattooed as it’s one of visible areas for people to see your designs.
No matter on the right or left wrist or both, it’s important to have to study of the design and get the tattoo idea fixed. Although the motif could be personal, the abstract representation leaves broad room to interpret its meaning. This pair of rose tattoos fuse the henna style and make it difficult to tell they are on the different wrists of sisters.
This symbol has been widely used by people in different ways to express their longing for eternal. These stunning tattoo ideas for women below are extremely sexy and will definitely turn some heads. Butterflies, Fairies, Flowers, Hearts, Dragonflies, Religious symbols, Stars, Suns, and Tribal designs seem to be the standard for most female tattoos.

Hopefully they designs above will spark some of your creativity and you can come up with a tattoo design that you would like to have put on your body. For my birthday in August my mother is allowing me to get a tattoo if we can get matching ones, i’m fine with this becasue were really close.
Whether it be things that remind you of special parts of your life, a japanese theme, or just a big pattern.
I love everyone that I have and think that they are just a reflection of someone’s personality. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
But, as of today, tattoo quotes have become popular and people have started projecting their feelings to others through the medium of quote tattoos. But, the most important thing to remember when getting tattoo quotes is the thought you wish to convey through a motif on your body.
One can get these quotes for tattoos inked on parts like backs, lower backs, shoulders, collarbones, neck, biceps, foot and hands. Of course, you want to do it right since it is going to remain with you for the rest of your life. Tattoos that utilize birds of any type at the center of their design have gained a lot of preference over the years since they incorporate color, creativity and a natural image. A pair of matching words, flying birds or other meaningful symbols could be their eternal bonds between the two sisters. If there is a large age difference between them, the pair of quotes are perfect for the sisters.
Whether you love or hate the photos and descriptions we’ve compiled, leave your opinions in the comments section! Many tattoo artists will refuse to tattoo palms because the constant use of the wearer’s hand will diminish the work.
Either way, let’s hope they get home safe and stop drawing heart shapes in whimsical colors at the expense of their health. And it’s always the same important to find a professional tattoo artist as he knows how to make you feel comfortable and less hurt.
In this tattoo, the phase is surrounded with heart symbol and music notes, which gives the meaning of enjoy everyday and do things today. Find meaningful words and fancy tattoo fonts are imperatives to have an eye-catching tattoo on your wrist.
Tattoos on women has become a trend as of late and some women show them off as a fashion statement.
Talk with a professional tattoo artist and they will be able to help you create a tattoo of your own that will look great on you.
And I think it’s risky business categorising people into certain preferences for their extremely personal tattoos.
These are beautiful and can convey a myriad of thoughts running in someone’s head and heart. Some people like to convey their happiness about the way their lives have turned up, or they want to convey their gratitude for the people that matter to them.
A quotation, if not done up in the correct manner is surely going to ruin the very purpose of you getting it etched in the first place.
Love tattoo quotes look sexy and are generally the most obvious choice for loving partners. Read the post and you will see how relationships and friendships can blossom when you ink a tattoo quote! With a vast choice of bird-based motifs, it is no wonder that more people are gravitating towards this design.
If you use quote tattoos, try to balance sentences, pay attention to antithetic parallelism and antithesis. In the long run of life, sisters are always the reliable source to get encourage, help and direction.
The identical sister tattoos here are representing their rich imagination and exception that they will think together. If you are looking for inspirations to get a tattoo on the wrist, here you may find ideas from the collection of 50 awesome wrist tattoos.
Women tattoos are usually more dainty and have thinner lines versus male tattoos, but it’s not a guideline or a rule that women have to follow. I fell in love with a picture from Pinterest, but I am not sure if I should go for the full piece (shoulder to elbow)? She said that if I ever felt like I couldn’t do something to simply just say this verse and have alot of faith. I am actually thinking about getting one with a friend of mine that matches and reflects both of our styles. There are some who like to ink inspirational tattoo quotes for motivating their inner self and also to project their strong will to the outside and harsh world.
Also, always keep the thoughts positive as far as possible since people do not like seeing pessimistic messages or quotes inked all over the body. The meaning and symbolism behind the different bird tattoos vary from a cultural point of view, however the hummingbird tattoo is one that remains universal throughout all cultures.The hummingbird holds deep significance since it dates back to the Native American origin.
There are some women out there that look great with more bold tattoos that have thick lines. I am thinking to get small piece, just below my shoulder, and then probably get more if I want the full piece? I’m currently working on a similar idea but am thinking of integrating a favorite quote into a vine from a flower. Be it any reason, tattoo quote ideas have slowly and steadily become a much loved subject for people that like to get carved.
Looking to get my 6th one on my leg from ankle to knee i know its gonna hurt but its totally worth it.
She has told me this verse since I was a very small child and through my gymnastics carreer and still today she tells me. I want a tattoo of it but I am not sure where I should get it or how the design should look. Having immense grace and a unique look, this bird is considered incomparable.With flying skills that are unique the hummingbird is known to be one of the most active birds. They can fly in any direction and they are known to feed up to 50 times a day due to their highly energetic activities. What is more they can be seen in many hues and this makes tattoo designs featuring them colorful and varied. The number of design possibilities is only limited by the imagination and ability of the artist. Apart from being part of Native American folklore, the hummingbird also holds a vital place in the orient. One can go for a hummingbird tattoo for the deep symbolic value including their survival abilities, or ability to overcome difficulties or simply for the way they look. The sight of a hummingbird in actual life as well as in a tattoo is known to draw the eye.Hummingbird tattoo designs that hover over flowers are especially interesting since they depict the bird in action. Many qualities such as survival, fighting hardships, overcoming weaknesses, bringing joy, being a harbinger of hope, lending charm and representing life are some of the qualities that one would associate with a hummingbird. People getting a hummingbird tattoo may go with one or a combination of any of these qualities when they get a hummingbird tattoo.
The hummingbird due to its industrious nature is also seen as a symbol of a job well done.As per different ethnic beliefs one can even see the hummingbird to represent peace and harmony.
Since the hummingbird is also known for the qualities of being attractive and having the ability to attract, people may get this tattoo for this purpose. With the ability to fly comes the sense of independence, this symbolism is also attributed to the hummingbird tattoo.With the wide variety of design possibilities and deeper levels of symbolism associated with the hummingbird tattoo, there is no confusion as to why this design is so popular.

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