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Clovers have a long history in Irish tradition, and clover tattoos are a very popular choice among the Irish.
A dream catcher is a small hoop  made out of wood from a tree, traditionally a willow tree. Clover tattoos can come in different designs, and the Celtic knot is of course one of these designs.
Getting an angel tattoo can be a beautiful thing, and since there are so many variations that are possible, your angel tattoo can truly be unique.

The compass as a tattoo can have significant meaning, as it signifies direction, aiming for a goal or even adventure. Getting a tattoo of a four leaf clover is no different, and is a symbol of good luck or good fortune, making it a very popular tattoo choice. From a sense of wanderlust or a feeling of being free and navigating your own life, the compass tattoo can truly carry a lot of meaning for the wearer.
Patrick used the clover to teach about Christianity, using the 3 leaves to represent the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

Getting an angel tattoo can represent a loved one who has passed, or a symbol of an angel watching over us or our loved ones.

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