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Cancer or The Crab is the fourth sign of the zodiac wheel and the first of the three water signs. And this is why Cancer survivor tattoos usually symbolizes a very personal and deep meaning for those who ink them.
Cancer ribbon tattoos are very interesting as they combine beauty and meaning in a very unique way.
The cancer ribbon tattoos presented here provide beautiful ways to mourn your friend or loved one.
Posts related to Cancer Survivor Tattoos IdeasVarious Colors of Cancer Ribbon TattoosCancer ribbon tattoos are signs of concern and care about the problem people get from this illness.
Most people, who have any relation to cancer, would happen to have this tattoo inked as they signify the certain moments of survival in their lives through marking their skin with this tattoo design.
Usually cancer survivors sport these tattoos to signify their victory in the battle against death. People make the outline of the ribbon and color it with particular color which represents the kind of cancer they are talking about. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It is a cardinal sign and people born under it are known to be very romantic and dreamy, nurturing, often tending to be very creative, imaginative and somewhat shy around strangers.

Cancer ribbons are the common symbols for spreading awareness and care for the cancer patients, and there are a lot of people who ink themselves with a cancer ribbon to indicate their tough fighting spirit against it as a cancer survivor, or to serve as a memory of their loved ones who died of cancer. Having cancer is a long struggle for survival, and as they would need a lot of support from their friends and families, it comes to reason that people who have lived though this would usually commemorate those moments by inking the cancer survivor tattoos onto their bodies. Cancer ribbon tattoos are also worn as a memorial sign by people who have lost a friend or a loved one due to cancer. The sign is also associated with the moon and motherhood, and as such both Cancerian men and women feel a strong attachment towards their mothers.
We hope through this post more people would be made aware and provide more care to those who have this deadly illness. Cancer ribbon tattoos are often portrayed in colorful bows and designs, where the shade of the color signifies the type of cancer the tattoo is referring to.
Cancerians usually tend to be good dressers and they also love to deck up their looks by sporting tattoos that depict their zodiac sign.
For example, a pink ribbon indicates breast cancer and lung cancer is denoted by a white ribbon. For instance, they have grey ribbon tattoo and add the word “survivor” in the middle of the ribbon, crossing it.
Some of the symbols that are most frequently used in Cancer tattoos include the crab, the moon, the number 69 written sideways, the constellation of Cancer and designs that depict water such as river or rain.

A lavender-colored ribbon is considered to be the universal symbol for all forms of cancer. Quite often the number 69 is combined with the image of the crab in various innovative ways. Sometimes the ribbons are used to create various words of inspiration, such as love, faith, hope, cure, courage, strength and God. Another example is to draw a bigger tattoo of cancer survivor tattoos and add the word inside the ribbon. Along with the ribbon, one may also choose to include the date of birth or the date of death of the individual having cancer. Other quotes that may be added to the tattoo include “in loving memory” and biblical verses.

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