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Considered to be a universal symbol of time taken out from the pages of history, an hourglass can be a wonderful way to depict frozen or immortal time. Apart from portraying the importance of time, an hourglass is also symbolic of the passage of time. A twist on the birds held captive in an hourglass comes with the presence of the shooting scarecrow.The tree of life sheds its leaves very much like a tree in real life, making it apt to portray the frailty of time.Father time makes us wise, don't you think? Let's move away from the ordinary, birds enclosed in the hourglass are symbolic of man's inherent need to escape his situation, and seek solace in freedom.
Although time never really stands still, a tattoo where time has simply frozen could mean a zillion things. The best part about getting inked is that you can manipulate the design to suit your requirements. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of visualizing the end of our time here on Earth.
An hourglass tattoo can convey the eternal dance between polarities that is between yin and yang, light and dark, creation and destruction. Angel Skeleton TattooIn this post you can see different images and photos of Angel Skeleton Tattoo made by different people of different ages.

When we are stuck to our roots as disciplines and values, as we proudly grown beautiful indicating the fluffy seeds and then one fine day, the wind blows us away, which in-turn symbolizes death. Buzzle brings to you some amazing hourglass tattoo design ideas that seem to have literally frozen time. However it cannot be denied that life in essential, is a gift of time that we have to prove ourselves. Even though the events behind memories have long been forgotten, they remain nevertheless untouched, unnerved, and definitely not disturbed akin to a spider's web. Depending on whether the cage is open or closed, it could be seen as a sign of freedom or that of captivity. Although the grim reaper brings forth disdain and sadness, a tattoo with this theme could be a reminder to live life to the fullest before it is taken away from one's control. However, the most important significance of an hourglass tattoo is the passage between life and death. Perhaps you will enjoy realization of a tattoo on your body more than just pictures and will make your dream come true in the near future! These are permanent marks which stays with us all through our lives, thus we must know the story behind every creative design.

It is just a common weed, which doesn’t look that impressive and are very tough to remove because of their strong roots.
Dandelion Tattoos might not be your favourite pick to look at, but they are surely one of the most meaningful tattoos to sustain all through a living. An hourglass tattoo could signify anything from balance of energies in the universe to acceptance of inevitable change. Though it lacks subtle colours and elegancy in the lines, it covers up with their unique geometrical shapes. The look is irresistible for a child as most of us have memories of blowing these flowers when we were young.
The dandelion tattoos can have little or a lot of detailing, thus the tattoos can be designed anywhere in one’s body.
And what better way to express the value of time than getting an hourglass inked on oneself.

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