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Like the front and back, the sides of the thighs are a common spot to get an attractive tattoo that depicts the nature and personality of the wearer. Rose tattoos have long been considered one of the most significant tattoo designs in various cultures of the world. The rose tattoos presented above vary greatly in their style and can be worn on any part of the body. While words can say only so much about love, the magic of Love Tattoo Quotes goes beyond the barriers of time and place, making you feel like they speak just for you.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Small Cross Tattoos, Number Tattoos, Good Tattoo Ideas and Cross Tattoos For Girls. The sharp-pointed edges of the lettering in this archaic scrip style tattoo speaks all about the power of self-love. The intricately shaded red flower in this tattoo design frames on one side this quote about a love that cannot be replaced. The peace tattoo inked at the back of this woman’s neck shows through words and the peace symbol how true love is the key to peace. This beautiful script tattoo combines sleep and dreams in a design with an old style touch with flowy patterns on both sides of the lettering. This awesome tattoo design in a black motif showing lovers in a liplock talks about the magic of hand-holding in love.
Take a look at the flourishes that add to the beauty of this old style quote about the final parting on the woman’s back.
Go out with your heart on the line, is the bold message to women in this back tattoo design.
Check out this tattoo design with the font written in small lettering with a newspaper style effect.
Inked on the side of this woman is a vertical design quote tattoo speaking of how life is all about beginnings and ends.
Even after everything is gone the most beautiful thing that remains is hope, as this quote tattoo below the collar bone says. Love is all about accepting a person with their imperfections, and knowing them at their best and worst, this realistic love quote tattoo says. Inked across the upper back in a horizontal design this black stars tattoo combines words in caps lock and small lettering to tell of the awesome random patterning of stars. This is a hopeful tattoo design inked in a rich old style script which speaks of the bright day that always comes after a dark night of the soul. Love scenes are sometimes too intimate to be filmed, as this quote tattoo on the woman’s upper back seems to be declaring. It is the heart of chaos which births a star of great beauty, says this wonderful Nietzsche inspired quote tattoo on the upper back. This deep curve tattoo connecting the two collar bones speaks of love, one of the most basic and ancient human desires. Here is an elegantly done flowy script style tattoo about happiness inked in a step by step design on the side of the body.
The Shakespeare quote is inked into the center of an ancient scroll style brown shaded design in this powerful forearm tattoo.
Tattoo designs preserve forever the power of poetic and meaningful love quotes on the skin.
Peace Love tattoo has a great meaning, and lovely looking tattoo with its font style and that great peace symbol. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.

Not only do we have a Q Switched Yag, we also use the Alexandrite Trivantage Laser by Candela, which is excellent at removing green and blue tattoos. This is the only machine of it's type in Scotland and Glasgow Tattoo Removal is proud to offer this Gold Standard treatment. In the Buddhist religion, the Bodhi Tree is symbolizes Buddha’s enlightenment and therefore a bodhi tree tattoo is a very spiritual design that acts as a reminder of the  greatest potential that lies waiting to be brought to fruition in all. Over 2500 years ago, Prince Siddhartha Guatama was believed to live on India’s northern plains but turned his back on his life of privilege and wealth, abandoned his wife and child and began his search for enlightenment. This has always been a popular symbol in India, so there was no great leap of faith required for most to relate to its highly sacred status.
There is no doubt that Prince Siddhartha Gautama had no intention of starting a worldwide religious movement in his search for enlightenment however the dogma and prayers that started all those centuries ago under the Bodhi tree did just that.
Religious praying hands tattoo markings are usually made permanently in your skin, so, if you intend to have one, you must contemplate 1st on the kind of faith that you believe in before you have it pierced in your body.  The amazing religious praying hands tattoo comes in various designs and sizes that are appealing not only to religious people, but also to others who want to keep sentiments and memories in their bodies.
With a lot of religious praying hands tattoo versions present in online galleries today, make sure that you are not overwhelmed in your selection that can compromise your aim in choosing it.
Anything, starting from Celtic designs and Zodiac signs to tribal designs and regular animal tattoos look amazing on the sides of the thighs.
They can be worn by both women and men, and can signify a diverse array of important meanings. There are many wonderful quotes that celebrate the mystery and warm connects that love brings. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. He fruitlessly wandered the countryside seeking answers to eternal questions but to no avail until finally he grew tired of his austere existence and opted to sit still instead. King Ashoka of India helped boost its reputation in the third century BC by converting to the Buddhist religion.
Whatever the design, a side thigh tattoo is sure to draw the attention and admiration of others. These tattoos can come in various colors and sizes, and are often combined with a number of other motifs and symbols, such as skulls, hearts, stars and other flowers.
Such is the wonder of love that you may even feel you were not breathing before you met your beloved. Love can connect souls even during an argument, and that is the powerful and inspiring soul truth that deep love quotes celebrate.
Sure, getting married is a huge step emotionally, but it isn’t going to place much of a dent in your finances, right?Think again. In reality, Buddha achieved enlightenment under an Asian fig tree, which was also known as ficus religiosa, and even the name suggests a highly spiritual emblem. In fact, he sat in complete stillness meditating under the Bodhi tree until he finally ‘woke up’ and realized the true nature of existence and suffering. Not only that, but he spent hours meditating under the original tree just like Buddha many centuries before him.
In fact, the wisdom he gained from his experiences has certainly helped countless others throughout the ages. A single cute tattoo on the side of one thigh looks great while one can also get matching tattoos on the sides of both thighs.
Roses have been associated with Goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and they have also served as an important cultural symbol in ancient Persia. Whether it is a quote about hand-holding with your special one, or a romantic quote about new beginnings, or the heart rush and unreal feeling about life when you are freshly in love, or the pain of losing a deep love, quote tattoos have beautiful messages for the world.
The average man spends about $5300 on an engagement ring alone, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

The rest of the story has become a mix of legend and history but as a result the birth of a religion based on compassion began that day and is still thriving in modern times. However, his Queen did not like playing second best to this time consuming pastime and ordered that the tree be chopped down. This gift to the world is personified in a powerful bodhi tree tattoo, the ultimate symbol of how we can rise above suffering and triumphantly reach a state of Nirvana through ultimate wisdom. Check out the following collection of attractive side thigh tattoos and pick the one that suits you. Rose tattoos were popularized by seafaring sailors, who sported them to represent their loved ones. Carrying them in permanent ink designs on your wrists, upper back, or your forearm is a great way to spread the power of love wherever you go.
This special tree is also sacred due to its ancient origins, and it is believed that a descendant of the original still grows in that spot to this day. This attempt to retain Ashoka’s did not entirely work as Ashoka spent his time nourishing what was left of the stump and its roots with milk which revived the tree until it was eventually restored to its full growth once again. Buddhist canters around the world also have their own version of the tree, and some are even considered to be offshoots from the famous Bodhi that Buddha once sat under.
In addition the King’s daughter also converted to Buddhism and as a nun she took a cutting to her monastery garden in Sri Lanka.
Although conventionally associated with depiction of love, roses have also been used to represent friendship, passion, death, grace and purity.
Love is a big leap into the unknown, and you do risk bad falls if you follow your heart but it is worthwhile. She transplanted the cutting which also grew into a Bodhi where it still stands to this day and actually the oldest tree in the world on record. Many tattoo quote designs speak of heart love, following one’s dream path, the courage to step off the ground and risk a fall to spread your wings.
Tattooing an identical image that represents a shared interest on each of your ring fingers shows the world how something that’s important to you as an individual also unites you with the person you love above all others. No one has to settle with this adorable design, which allows the couple to still wear physical rings while showcasing a meaningful message on each of their ring fingers.Another fun design that allows you to also wear a tangible wedding ring is this adorable side-finger tattoo that celebrates a newly shared last name.
If you feel like singing and dancing for joy whenever you think of your new spouse, this may be the perfect design for the two of you to share on your ring fingers for the rest of your lives.
You could use the first initial of your beloved’s first name, or you could use the first initial of the last name you intend on sharing from this point forward.If you were unable to find the perfect ring in your preliminary search, then why not bring it to life yourself by drawing it?
There’s no mistaking to whom your heart belongs with this design!Maybe you love the concept of tattooing your spouse’s name on your ring finger, but what are you to do when his or her name is a mile long? Instead of purchasing traditional wedding bands, they decided to tattoo the atomic symbol, an element of a piece of art they saw together on one of their first dates, onto their fingers. While atoms may mean little to you and your significant other, any symbol that has a special meaning to the two of you can act as an excellent ring replacement.One of the biggest trends in the world of tattoo art is the tribal tattoo. If you and your partner are fans of tribal elements, you may want to go for a design featuring two slithering snakes like these little guys.The heart-shaped lock and key are traditional images that represent love between two people, so what better images to use in place of traditional wedding bands? What better way to commemorate its significance than by having its numerals etched into your skin for life? This is a subtle design that would be perfect for couples with a style rooted in simplicity.Sure, we may have already mentioned initial tattoos, but the artsiest of couples can take the idea a step further. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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