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Dogs are the best friend of man as a number of known reasons, but one of the most convincing is the length of time we have coexisted with them. As a result, dogs and man is sufficient for these two types together form a symbiotic relationship continues solid form.
Most features of dogs, loyalty, courage and friendship, and tattoos to see with dogs often symbolic representations of these qualities.
Although the use of the image of the dog to its qualities or perpetuation of dead animals are common, there are many other symbolic values ??in dogs. Dogs have been domesticated as a living alarm systems, guard the camp at night, in exchange for food scraps. In Asia, especially in areas where Chinese influence has spread, animals such as dogs are very happy, almost a clover with four legs, and Asian-inspired tattoos are often with dogs as a door good luck. Mom tattoos are a great way to express your love and gratitude for your mother who has been a beacon of unconditional love and support throughout your life. Choose from the beautiful tattoo designs presented in this site to express your love and admiration for your mother. Dogs were first domesticated species, descended from wolves, the first human tribes have learned to live together for a long time before the beginning of human civilization. Everything has a long history with the people, extends to all known culture and society, committed to a popular subject for art, physical or otherwise. Who will vote for a dog often tattoo as a symbol of these qualities by the dog pictures or groups of dogs. Packs are ruled by an alpha male and alpha female, and every dog ??is a relation of domination or subjugation his dog in the pack.
Dogs have a long and continuing role in the various esoteric traditions symbolizes many mystical properties many of which are collected in a tattoo design. The role of dogs as guardians developed in the symbolic representation of dogs as guardians of the people, both physically and mentally. The fool is a man, his head on the feet in danger, hunting with a dog behind him and tried to warn him of the accident on the line.
And while memories will fade, we will never forget just how special that someone was to us.

A mother not only gives birth to a child; she also protects and nurtures the child thereby helping him or her to grow. This many dogs Tattoos expression of authority in a manner which alpha status in the world. In many ancient mystical tradition, dogs are on the threshold between this world and the next, protection against burglary. Hence even grownup children feel a strong sense of attachment towards their mother and love to commemorate this special bond with cool mom tattoos. Memorial tattoos for dogs, as often is the portrait tattoo designs are similar to body art monuments of the family or friends who have passed. While these types of tattoos can be dedicated to friends, family members, fallen soldiers or even pets, there are plenty of unique ideas that you can utilize into your tattoo design that can really grab the concept of how much that loved one meant to you. Mom tattoos vary greatly in their style and coloration, and are often accompanied by a number of meaningful symbols. Tattoos of deceased pets as sanctuaries for the animal in question and recalled their former owner of fun together.
The elements that you place in a memorial tattoo do not always have to symbolize death and loss.
One of the most popular designs of mom tattoos include the heart sign with the word “mom”, “mum”, “mummy” or “mother” written on a ribbon spread across it. Many individuals use this art form to honor their loved ones with tattoo design elements that symbolize the life of their loved one instead.Of course, elements such as angel wings, angel bodies, saints or religious elements are some of the most popular memorial tattoo design elements, there are a variety of different ways to incorporate them into a unique design to honor your loved one. Sometimes butterflies or your mom’s favorite flowers can be depicted in the tattoo design as well. If you do not want to use a full body angel in your design, many tattoo artists recommend using various angelic parts such as halos, wings and heavenly auras that surround your tattoo design.
This presents the image in a more memorial-like manner, letting those who gaze upon the tattoo know that the person has passed away.Incorporating the name of your loved one into the tattoo is always considered good but not always used. In fact, many tattoo lovers that utilize this way to honor their loved ones who have passed away, do not want to use their name in the actual design.
Instead, you may see the birth and death dates, a nickname or in some cases a portrait image is used.When looking to create the perfect memorial tattoo to honor your loved one, you should consider their individuality just as much as you should consider what they meant to you and how you viewed them as a person, or pet.

You will often see these types of tattoo designs filled with creative elements such as feathers, clouds, hearts, arrows and of course, crosses and religious symbols.Many individuals use design elements such as tombstones to show their love and honor for those that have passed on. It is not uncommon for loved ones to visit the grave site of the dead to sketch the actual tombstone and use it as a tattoo design element. When young children or babies have passed before their time, footprints are often used in memorial tattoo designs.Get creative when it comes to your memorial tattoo, as many feel that it will be the last moment that they will get to to spend doing something that for their loved one. While others may continue to do things in their honor for the rest of their own lives.If you do not want to use design elements that showcase the identity of your loved one, there are still many options that you can utilize to honor their memory. Using tattoo design elements that depict places or scenes that you enjoyed going with your loved one is often used to maintain their memory and presence with you at all times. Design elements that involve hands are often used to symbolize the loved one always being beside you, even after they pass. For the same reason, shadows are often used in tattoos to showcase their presence as well.If you want to really go all out when designing your memorial tattoo, using 3D images can make a huge difference as well in both presentation and meaning. Since many tattoo design elements that depict realistic elements require a bit more creativity than others, many people use designs that call for 3D imagery such as bio-mechanical elements, landscapes and illusion elements.The beauty about memorial tattoo designs is that they do not have to look like a memorial tattoo in order to hold their meaning and significance.
While many people believe that this will decrease the meaning if the dates or name is not present, it could not be further from the truth. In fact, a memorial tattoo is on your body and therefore should bear the meaning to you and the loved on you honor!You can easily incorporate your memorial tattoo into an existing tattoo element or with other designs that honor those still with you in life. In fact, many people feel this in itself is disrespectful to the honor or their loved one.when choosing your memorial tattoo design, do not be afraid to think outside the box.
While you can always add to the tattoo design, removing elements will be somewhat difficult – so choose wisely and put some thought into each design element before getting your ink done.

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