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Hi I would be interested in working with you - listed as Tigerz on this website and on FB Models with Tattoos !!
I will be hoping to pull together an exhibition of work at the end of this project where each model will receive a print of the final image. It is totally amazing to know that Art has been a cool and awesome means of communication and expressing deep emotion in time past. 8000-3000 BC - Fast forward to the Neolithic age, complete with agriculture and domesticated animals.
3000-1100 BC - The Aegean - The Minoan culture, on Crete, and the Mycenaeans in Greece brought us frescos, open and airy architecture, and marble idols. 800-323 BC - Greece - The Greeks introduced humanistic education, which is reflected in their art. 6th-5th centuries BC - The Etruscans - On the Italian peninsula, the Etruscans embraced the Bronze Age in a big way, producing sculptures notable for being stylized, ornamental and full of implied motion. 509 BC-337 AD - The Romans - As they rose to prominence, the Romans first attempted to wipe out Etruscan art, followed by numerous attacks on Greek art.

Hey I'm really interested and i am from your area, not sure what type of thing you are looking for but i have a tattooed chest, foot, and some of my right arm I am starting my sleeve on my other arm on 8th august so you could see fresh work or shoot at the shop that could be interesting?? The Mesolithic period (which lasted longer in northern Europe than it did in the Middle East) saw painting move out of the caves and onto the rocks. Now that food was more plentiful, people had time to invent useful tools like writing and measuring.
The Egyptians built tombs, pyramids (elaborate tombs), the Sphinx (a tomb) and decorated tombs with colorful pictures of the gods they believed ruled in the afterlife. Ceramics, painting, architecture and sculpture evolved into elaborate, highly crafted and decorated objects which glorified the greatest creation of all: humans. Borrowing freely from these two conquered cultures, the Romans created their own style, one which increasingly stood for power.
Most of them are terrible, and some are cool, but it’s Steve Jobs Day so why not show off another one? I posted this pic as a joke on my website and everyone assumed and commented on my wife Shannon's, new ink.

Subject matter concentrated on two things: food, as seen in Cave Art, and the necessity to create more humans. Architecture became monumental, sculptures depicted re-named gods, goddesses and prominent Citizens and, in painting, the landscape was introduced and frescos became enormous.
The Akkadians introduced the victory stele, whose carvings forever remind us of their prowess in battle. You can have an Apple tattoo and still be objective.Calling everyone a sheep kind of makes you a sheep, no?elcaseyHa, this is my buddy Adam! Eventually, it was the Persians who put the whole area - and its art - on the map, as they conquered adjacent lands. Glad you got your five minutes of fame!It’s fifteen minutes of fame, brohansbojevetsScrew you!

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