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Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products. Returning to the paintbrush analogy, many painters use a variety of brushes to get the look they’re going for. They are indeed used with black and other dark colors for shading, but these are the most common needle groupings for color fills as well. The wider spacing of shader arrangements allows for less damage to the skin if you go over an area more than once.
For a complete overview of tattoo needles, configurations for shading, lining and bold coloring, and more in FULLY ILLUSTRATED detail, I recommend checking out Elite Tattoo Pro. But, of course, nobody is likely to take you on in a tattoo studio, or let you tattoo on them yourself, without some idea of what you can do. Brendan Jackson is not only a fine tattoo artist, but is also a huge lover of everything to do with the art and history of tattoos.
The various types of needles available are like this, each one facilitating a particular type or part of tattoo making.

This usually going to be a round formation, although they are called liners rather than rounds.
I will give you even more in-depth information on needles and insider tattoo tips on using them. The next part of this series will cover the importance of the portfolio, a collection of images that could be used as models for actual tattoos for clients. Needles are differentiated from each other by taper and grouping, and what you’ll use in any particular situation, as a tattoo artist, will depend on your own personal style and skill. The tight formation allows for a large, concentrated amount of ink to be put into the skin with each movement of the tattoo machine.
This is largely controlled by settings in your machine, but it also can be changed by using different tapers. Generally, tattoo artists will solder a new set of needles into their machines prior to each client.
A shorter taper means the needle is, essentially, less sharp, and the skin will be pushed down more, and penetrated less.

Some tattoo machines, particularly coil types, are made to only accept liner or shader arrangements.
It does, however, require a great deal of precision, since screwing up one of the lines using such a tight formation means that any correction will do undue damage to the skin.
The last type is called a magnum it is like a straight, but with two rows, usually with a different number of needles in each, such as five and seven. Tight needles are bad for any situation where you need to stay, or pass over, any particular area, as they will chew up the skin you’re working on. Generally, fills are done the deepest, then shading, then lining, although this varies from artist to artist.
No machine is restricted in the sort of tapers it can accept, and these will generally vary according to the depth of skin you’re working with and previous factors mentioned.

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