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Yes we do, we previously were bound by a contract with our distributor there but the contract has been terminated and we can ship our products to the UK now. Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products. We are an authorized distributor of Stigma rotary machine and equipment.  Beware of imitations, buy directly from an authorized seller! And how would you compare your Hildbrandt machines compared to lets say Union Irons ( Same, Not as Good, Better ) ? This newly designed machine features an infinitely adjustable hit that ranges from super soft to super hard. The machine you will receive will be similar in markings, etc as the one in the picture, but never identical - The machine used in pictures was chosen completely randomly. We are a small team business who specialize in providing the world with fine, hand-carved tattoo machines.

Largely stayed the same over the years with the exception of a few changes to the binding posts, contact screw and coil cores.
Luo's machines have a unique design, featuring traditional macabre elements such as skulls and animals. The compact design with short angled springs and 8 wrap coils make the .357 Magnum a speed demon.
The Prodigy has 2 options for Motors, it comes standard with the 4.5 Watt Motor and it can be upgraded to the more powerful 10 Watt Motor. Made from pure copper, the hand-carved machines are finished using cutting-edge technology for a long-lasting finish. In addition, this machine can be equipped with the new adjustable stroke excenter which has the effective range of 2.5 to 6mm. The MotorPlugs of the Prodigy and the Beast are interchangeable and can be attached or removed effortlessly in a flash.

Due to oxidation, the machine's casing only looks better with age, and has become a staple took in the tattoo community.We must stress that we are not a big manufacturer.
These plugs can be bagged individually or plugged into the machine and then bagged to avoid cross contamination. When you place the wholesale order, we give you an estimated time of shipping from payment received.

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