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It can power any needle or cartridge with ease and run at much less voltage with the increased torque. As its indexed your favourite set up can be returned to each time, taking the guesswork out of your work. From the initial concept design to the injection moulding and CNC aluminium work is all manufactured right here in the UK, except of course the Maxon Swiss motor.
Sabre have teamed up with BioCoteĀ® making it the first tattoo machine to house antimicrobial technology. We reserve the right to request extra shipping payment depending on the total weight of the order and our courier’s charges. Both sabre grips, trident and atom are eu design protected and any supplier infringing this protection will face legal action. Translation of transcription of Document USSR-343, the ONLY tattoo-related document ever introduced at Nuremberg (translated by C.W. Since any tattoo can be covered by another tattoo, the location must be absolutely standardized if the tattoo is to serve for the possible identification of escaped inmates: that way, any person with a tattoo in that location would be suspect.
In this case as well, the whole contraption would be contaminated after the first use, rendering it useless. The needles would either fail to penetrate properly or would have to be extremely long, causing a puncture wound.
If the Germans had an autoclave to use on clothing, why not install an autoclave to use with ordinary tattooing equipment, like everyone else? It is only a guess, but it seems probable to me that the setup and disassembly time required for even one tattoo would probably amount to no less than 20 minutes. Where are the plans, specifications, order forms, delivery vouchers, inventory receipts, etc.
The obvious solution would be to assign a professional tattooist, a member of the German armed forces, and keep proper records to ensure that no duplicate or incorrect numbers were issued, etc.
SECOND ARGUMENT: Since this amounts to an admission that any tattoo can be altered or covered at any time, why do the Holocaust survivors keep their tattoos if they hate them so much?
THIRD ARGUMENT: The ancient Romans and other ancient peoples, including the Japanese, tattooed criminals and slaves. There is no doubt that if the Germans had wished to tattoo 400,000 people they could have done so. My personal belief is that the Germans considered the idea of tattooing inmates to facilitate recapture in the event of escape but abandoned the idea. Robert Fausisson says he believes he saw it, many year ago, but is unable to provide any further information. SINCE TATTOOING OCCURS IN ALL PRISONS, IT IS MY BELIEF THAT THE FIRST ALTERNATIVE IS THE MORE PROBABLE INTERPRETATION, AND THAT THE INMATES TATTOOED EACH OTHER.

I believe that the Jews got the idea of tattooing each other from criminals and tattooed each other solely to blackmail the Germans, morally and financially. But since the question has been raised, the answer is, yes, the enemies of National Socialism (not just the Jews) do, in point of fact, not to put too fine a point on it, have a very poor record for truth and honesty.
There would have to be an after-care service, consisting of perhaps a single person, and meticulous records would have to be kept. Presumably after the war an investigation would have been conducted by the Poles, and, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of German documents, there would be huge quantities of physical evidence and tens or hundreds of thousands of affidavits by tattooed persons.
It is proven and guaranteed under laboratory conditions against drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE (Biocote Certificate). We will however email you to let you know of any extra shipping payment required and you have the right to cancel your order if you wish !! It may be from the Boer War or the Spanish concentration camps in Cuba during the Second Cuban War for Independence (1890s). Note as well that the location is not standardized: sometimes they appear on the inside of the arm, sometimes the outside. Failing to put the tattoo in the same place each time would render it even more useless than ever. Even today, tattoo stencils can spread disease if not sterilized after use, and are, today, ordinarily disposed of after each job, along with all needles, tubes, thimble-sized ink cups, rinsing and dilution goblets, wooden skin depressors, cotton swabs, razors and latex gloves. For this reason, it is extremely unlikely that the Germans ever tattooed anyone, and if they did, they would have made a record of it. Since the tattoos almost invariably appear on the left forearm, and since most people are right-handed, all one need do is take a fountain pen, write a number on one’s left forearm, and presto! Well, there were some Germans who had themselves tattooed voluntarily [?], but none of them were forced to do that at Monowitz.
According to one yarn, the inmates were allowed to "choose" where they wanted their tattoos! In this case, needle 1 in position A1 would be retracted through the back of the frame, and another needle inserted in, for example, position A9. The needles must be soldered to the needle bar (the part that vibrates up and down), then broken off and autoclaved (or preferably disposed of) AFTER EVERY USE.
But it would require proper procedures and proper equipment, voluminous documentation, and proper record-keeping. Witness, will you tell the court what your inmate number was that you have inscribed on your hand, on your arm? If I go to court with a black eye and accuse someone of assaulting me, I will not be permitted to say, “Are you accusing me of lying? The huge quantities of used tattooing equipment would presumably exist somewhere in medical containers at an Auschwitz rubbish dump.

Since tattooing needles normally place the tattoo between the second and third layer of skin, this means that the needles could only be about 1 millimeter long (unless the intent is to cause a puncture wound).
You would spend at least half your time swabbing the blood away so that you could see what you were doing! Almost the only restriction is that pure white can only be applied over pure white, or over bare skin. Do you think I gave myself this black eye?” Under our legal system, the court need not pronounce as to the origins of my black eye. The forced tattooing of foreign citizens would almost certainly be in violation of various general clauses of international law.
Where are the plans, designs, specification sheets, patents, order forms, manufacturing reports, provisional and final acceptance forms, delivery vouchers, inventory reports, etc. In any case, the frame would be contaminated by blood and body fluids after the first use, thus contaminating the needles. What is the point of tattooing some people and not others, if no record is made of the fact that a given person has been tattooed? The court is entitled to decide, on the basis of the evidence, that is there is insufficient evidence of an assault, in which case the defendant will be acquitted.
Third his name was checked against the indices of the Political Section to see if he would be subjected to special punishment. Since a tattoo can be altered or covered at any time (all you need is another jailbird with a needle, cork, and some ink), this renders tattoos almost useless for purposes of identification. Finally, he was registered in the Labor Assignment Office and assigned a characteristic five-digit IBM Hollerith number, 44673. Neither the defense nor the prosecution at Nuremberg appeared interested in finding out what he meant. The five-digit Hollerith number was part of a custom punch card system devised by IBM to track prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, including the slave labor at Auschwitz. The Polish timber merchant’s punch card number would follow him from labor assignment to labor assignment as Hollerith systems tracked him and his availability for work, and reported it to the central inmate file eventually kept at Department DII. Department DII of the SS Economics Administration in Oranienburg oversaw all camp salve labor assignments, utilizing elaborate IBM systems.
Either the needles were interchanged in position only, or new needles were inserted from the back.

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