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18 year old Stian Ytterdahl, showed his extreme love for Mcdonald after tattooing the receipt on his arm. McDonald’s Norway has denied that it is a PR stunt, saying they have never heard anything like it before. From all around the web, we at Odd Stuff Magazine work hard to bring the most creative, unique and artistic things we have in our beautiful world. But, we are not here to discuss that you should have a tattoo or not, we are here to see some unique tattoo ideas from around the world. Cara Delevingne isn't shy about showing her body on Instagram, probably because nobody's shy about looking.
As a result of becoming acquainted with Cara's excessive epidermis, we're thoroughly aware of her growing collection of body art. Let us show you what we mean: Below, we present a a tour of Delevingne's body, told entirely in tattoos.

A few weeks after losing her tattoo virginity, Delevingne went back to tattoo artist Bang Bang in NYC to get her initials on her hand.
The underside of Cara's left foot features a tattoo reading "Made in England," ironically given to her by NYC tattoo artist Bang Bang.
Delevingne decorated her right hand once again, this time with the word "Silence" in script. In June of 2014, Delevingne and fellow model Jourdan Dunn got matching hip tattoos reading "DD" in honor of their (respective) last initials.
Delevingne got the words "Breathe Deep," in white ink, tatted onto her right bicep in early July 2014. Cara's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" tattoo isn't as visible as her others, what with it being scribbled beneath her breasts ("don't worry" under her right, "be happy" under her left"), but it's been there since at least December of 2013.
When we were in the restaurant on Monday, they said I had to tattoo a Barbie doll on my bum, or the receipt on my arm,I got an email from my dad that wasn’t entirely positive, saying “What on earth have you done?!

This selection of tattoos is not only different but these are unique, so unique that we have got loads of comments from tattoo lovers and haters about having tattoo. Share this collection with your friends and family and I am sure you will find a perfect one for your own canvas. Take a good look before she becomes one huge canvas of cursive scribbles and obscure bacon references.

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