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One thing I have learned about tattoos and those who get them is that logic rarely comes into the equation. Last week, the world got a peek at some white powder in Cara Delevingne's purse and wondered if we had another drug scandal on our hands.
The 20-year-old model visited Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City at her pal Rihanna's recommendation. As one of the biggest models in the biz, we're sure Cara kept in mind that many clients prefer models with un-inked skin, so she kept her tattoo small -- for now, at least. In the meantime, Cara's lion tattoo, which she accessorized with cherry red nails, could get covered up with a pretty statement ring, and no one would be the wiser.
Cara showed off her fresh new ink on Twitter and on Instagram: a detailed lion's face, on the pointer finger of her right hand.

A person sees something they like and they get it, usually based on nothing more than a whim.
Maybe the point of this image is to simply show prospective tattoo getters what this dragon looks like, looking both directions. The more common tribal dragon tattoos are of the eastern, the western and the imperial dragons. The meaning of an eastern dragon is the nicest of all, they represent kindheartedness, good fortune and they are believed to be a protector. While the meaning of a western dragon is quite the opposite, being seen as an evil, greedy, fire breathing creature. Neither the western nor the eastern dragon have wings, the only one believed to have had wings is the imperial dragon.

Tribal dragons tattoos represent mythical creatures that can have many different meanings, depending on which dragon you decide for your tattoo. Being a mythical creature gives the tattoo artists a wide range to work with when designing your tattoo and it also gives people the opportunity to have a unique tattoo, increasing their popularity dramatically.
A tribal dragon tattoo is very often associated with strength and power, which has made it very dominant in the art of tribal tattoos. And the tribal dragon tattoo can be made even more impressive by the addition of traditional Japanese, Chinese or Celtic elements.

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