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Our cast also includes Tommy Helm runner-up of Ink Masters Season 1, and a new face to the community, Jazmin Rodriquez. As one of the three big shows on the cabler, paired to Bar Rescue and Ink Master, now Tattoo Nightmares is getting renewed for season three that will consist on 26 more episodes set to air in 2014 on Spike. I found this to be a great way of helping the industry, plus I’m getting paid of course. The series showcases real people with really bad tattoos who seek the help of some of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them. 24) is averaging 1.2 million viewers and has improved the timeslot with Persons 18-49 by 169%. I was pulling 16-hour workdays six days a week for a little over a month, which was not an easy task.

Yes, it’s gotten a bad rap in the tattoo world but when I was given the opportunity to film a show I took it so I could show America that we can be positive role models to the average person aspiring to be a tattoo artist. Some of which were so bad that they were hurting their relationships, self-esteem and outlook on life.
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But let’s be serious… how many of you cry and talk negative about these shows? We cannot stop the ever-growing interest in this trade so why not educate them the best we can and with Spike TV in over 98.7 million homes. On the show, we take on the task of these people’s TATTOO NIGHTMARES and give them new hope at the end of the long hours of getting tattooed on the show.

You will also get to see re-enactments of their stories, which I can’t wait to see, because some were just too damn crazy to hear. What better way to show them clean tattooing, sterilization, customer service, pride in your art and community.

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