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Getting a little ink etched into the dermis layer of the skin has become so mainstream that Pittsburghers can now get a tattoo at one of the most homogenized of American venues: the mall.
Many of its customers, evenly split between men and women, are Gen Y-ers who shop at Get Inked, the tattoo-related apparel store Ms. There are also a pair of tattoo and piercing studios in malls in Florida, with two more in the works. Needless worry, says lead needle artist Mike Anderson, who brought 20-plus years of experience when he relocated from West Virginia to Sewickley with his wife, Gina, a piercing artist. Hard-core tattoo fans may be put off by its mall-ness, and indeed, some competitors have dismissed the studio as too corporate. You have to be at least 18 years old to get inked, and there’s a minimum charge of $50, though prices can quickly climb depending on the intricacy of the design, size and use of color. Did Taylor Swift Urge Selena Gomez To Ditch Justin Bieber And Go After Katy Perry’s Man? Whole Foods may be considering adding a tattoo parlor to its new chain aimed at millennial shoppers.
Now outnumbering Baby Boomers, the millennial generation has become the largest age group and Whole Foods has had problems in the past attracting this crowd. To attract a younger generation, Whole Foods may consider adding a tattoo parlor to some stores. Walter Robb, co-chief executive officer for Whole Foods says the company has a unique plan to entice younger shoppers. Each store will have a mix of outside vendors offering a range of products and services from food and drink to fashion and body care products.
Whole Food executives say the drop was likely due to the fewer number of transactions at the stores coupled with aggressive marketing campaigns that offered price reductions on certain popular items. Despite the new price markdowns, a recent survey by BMO Capital Markets revealed that 70 percent of Whole Foods shoppers had not noticed any price reductions in the last three months.

Critics of the new 365 store concept see the same collision course experienced recently by Walmart. The first 365 store is expected to open in Los Angeles sometime around May, and an additional 10 total stores before the end of next year.
Since opening on May 7, the business has received nothing but praise from shoppers and other tenants, he says. A pair of screens offer privacy for the rare customer who doesn’t want to be on display, or is getting a tattoo on a body part no one but a significant other should see.
If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! Corey Miller has been Tattooing for 25 years, this California native has inked people all around the world from Japan and Amsterdam to Hawaii and Paris. A new store model, named 365 by Whole Foods Market, is the organic grocer’s latest attempt to reach a younger, more budget-conscious consumer.
The organic grocery giant has been tinkering with different out-of-the-box ideas for the past year to widen its appeal beyond groceries. Part of that plan is to provide outside services and products inside the 365 stores tailored to meet millennial interests. Whole Foods is asking potential vendors to send them an email if they want to be considered. Partially owned by Whole Foods, the restaurant chain may have the opportunity to open up new locations right inside the 365 stores.
In November, the company introduced a plan to change their reputation by increasing discounts. During a conference call earlier this week, the company announced it will continue its price reduction strategy by offering digital coupons within its smartphone app. The retail giant launched a line of smaller, convenience-type stores in areas where it didn’t make sense to put a gigantic supercenter.

In the meantime, millennials can start thinking about the design they want before visiting the Whole Foods tattoo parlor. But the studio also is finding an audience among aging baby boomers and 40-something professionals.
He specializes in black & gray portraits and dragons that merge the traditional and classic styles with his own. According to the company, the store locations will be smaller than typical Whole Foods locations and only offer a carefully chosen assortment of goods. While Whole Foods did report a three percent rise in total sales for the most recent quarter, sales actually declined 1.8 percent at stores open longer than 12 months. Vegoda approached mall management, they didn’t exactly jump up and down with excitement. With brightly colored faux-finished walls (she did the work herself), glossy wood floors and tasteful lighting, it’s more Miami Beach than Miami Ink, a Vespa instead of a Harley. Six years ago, the Brownsville native started a company that provides face art, henna and airbrush tattoos for amusement parks across the country.
A true master, Corey Miller is known for his freehand work, drawing the image directly onto the skin, foregoing any stencil. Vegoda reports with a smile, they got a call from a woman who wanted to buy her mother her first tattoo. Although her clothing store opened first, it was really just a clever way of getting the public used to an idea she’s had for a long time.
He has an extensive client list, including celebrities like James Hettfield from Metallica, Jason Giambi of the NY Yankees and Jesse James.

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