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In the world of large, ferocious cats, panther tattoo designs have carved out a special niche of their own. With its large body, deep black fur and serious, all-knowing gaze, the black panther tattoo can be a woderful and fearsome design. Many times, people confuse black jaguars and leopard body art with black panther tattoo designs.
Different names are used interchangeably with the term "panther." Depending on where you live, a panther tattoo might be referred to as a catamount, a painter, a puma, a cougar or a mountain lion. The term "panther" is used in so many different situations - and not used in so many others - that its meaning can be largely blurred and confused.

While several large cats have bright spots and stripes, panthers tend to have more subdued - and, somehow, more mystical - appearances. There are many different species of panther in the world, and they've been around seemingly forever. In fact, a black leopard or jaguar is actually called "melanistic," a term that means black in color. This is another reason why people become so confused about panther design; all too often, they don't even know one when they see one! If you're looking to use the panther tattoo design in art, though, these terms aren't really important.

The opening and closing credits of the original Pink Panther films featured an animated pink panther tattoo design.
That character eventually had his own cartoon series; it started appearing in the late 1960s.

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