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And don't forget to follow FPS blog via email (or Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Google+) to never miss an update! You can get a pretty good idea of what a traditional Japanese tattoo looks like by examining an irezumi, which is a tattooed body-suit 'worn' by the yakuza. If a person can draw it, it can be tattooed and you can see some more ideas and examples of imagery and placement here.
But whatever the motif, as long as you don't decide to get tattooed with a traditional 'hand-poked' technique where they use sharpened wood, shark teeth, animal bones, etc.
The far left one is used for outlines, other ones are for shading and filling in large surfaces. Another point, just as important (if not more) than the one before is this: Don't take getting a tattoo lightly, especially not the first one. Things you should or shouldn't do right before getting a tattoo: DON'T drink alcohol (because it widens blood vessels and you'll bleed (even) more which will make it harder for the artist to tattoo you), don't get sunburned, don't party (lack of sleep will make you more susceptible to pain) or don't take an Aspirin (it prevents your blood from coagulating so you'll bleed more). Things you should and shouldn't do with a brand new tattoo: A new tattoo is basically a fresh wound. A tattoo should stay intact for about 10 to 20 years and it will, if you stay away from the sun. For your shoulder, choose a design of your choice and make sure you get it done in 3D effects.
Go for an exciting design and get it done perfectly on your shoulder for the tattoo look you always wanted. Go through them and get one of these done soon and you are sure to make a great impression on everybody.
Keep in mind though, the smaller the details, the bigger the chance that in time those lines will get fuzzy and all you'll end up with is a nice big blur. Don't freak out by the magnums, those are actually less annoying (or painful) than the smaller ones.

If you decide you want a tattoo on Monday and you get it done one Wednesdays of that same week, you might not like it on Friday. You can scroll through pictures of your ex and other bullshit on Facebook for hours, so take some time and look through several artists' sites and portfolios. DO take a shower and put on some deodorant because chances are you're going to sweat, do think about clothing in advance (wear something that'll make it easier for the artist to access the area you're getting tattooed - don't wear a tight mini dress, for example, if you're getting something done on your ribcage because then you'll basically have to be butt naked during the process) and do get some painkillers if you're getting anything huge done or if you're a sissy so you'll take them when you're done. First it will be puffy and it'll probably hurt or sting a little if you touch it, then eventually it'll scab and itch till the scab finally falls off. Wash it at least 2 times a day (don't go crazy washing it 7 times in one day either) and put lots of cream on it (the artist will tell you which cream to use) - ideally the wound and later scab should always have some cream on it, it shouldn't get dry. If you want to preserve those colors and prevent those lines from blurring, put sunscreen or clothes on and DON'T get sunburned.
When it comes to tattoo designs, men have been more than willing to experiment with different ideas. Only the members of the largest criminal organization in the entire world stationed in Japan. I think that has to do with a similar logic than the one explaining how a fakir can sit on a 'pillow' of nails. Don't bring a picture you found on the Internet into a tattoo shop and ask for the exact same thing.
Consultation and sketching shouldn't be included so the clock starts running when the needle hits the skin. No scratching of the scab - if you scratch and pull the scab out, you'll pull the ink with it and the colors or lines won't be as even, so no scratching, even if it itches like a bitch (which it will). You can't take a tattoo off like you take off a wedding ring so let me say it again: Think before you ink! They have tried the simplest tattoo designs in black to the most extravagant designs in bold colors.

If you've heard of somebody who's great at black and grey tattoos but you want a realistic one, don't force it, find someone else. For a month forget about saunas, swimming pools, sunbathing, tanning beds, playing sports or anything that makes you sweat where you just got inked - with sweat ink can come out.
You don't like seeing people wearing the exact same shirt, dress, pants, whatever, you're wearing, so imagine how horrible a person would feel if they saw you having the same tattoo. Not just that it hurts more than getting tattooed because they literally burn you with a laser, but you have to get the procedure done multiple times in an attempt to get all of the ink removed. Think about it, it's going to be on your body for the rest of your life - where's the rush? That's why I don't purposely show my tattoos here or explain what they mean because if I saw some dumbass with MY tattoo, I'd have to kill them and I really can't get my ass thrown in jail, I have more important stuff to do. Smokers have poorer results than non-smokers, the older the tattoo, the more difficult it is to remove it and the most important part - you CANNOT remove all colors. Whites, pastels and other light colors turn dark and you'll be left with a horrible smudge for life.
You know how indecisive you are, so you decide for yourself, but my guess is a week isn't long enough. The only case where one bad reference suffices is when you hear somebody claiming they got infected with something at that particular tattoo shop.

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