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Do *not* confuse this place with Old Gold, which is around the corner and…does not have the same reputation. Located on pedestrianised Exmouth Market, The Family Business Tattoo Shop is an upmarket, polished custom tattoo shop.
I was a regular visitor for work on a half-sleeve, chest plates and leg piece for a number of years. Having built up quite the clientele, Certified Customs is one of the most popular tattoo shops in the Denver area.
One of my personal favorites Bound By Design is one of the most cleanest shops in throughout the state.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Mo Coppoletta works in japanese style and western religious-influenced style predominantly, but the shop now houses a growing number of other well-known artists, perhaps most notably Xam. TFB is a professional-feeling shop – good customer service, immaculately clean and the people are friendly.

These 5 guys (Melon, Frank, Zez, Jonathan and Chris) are phenomenal artists, each bring their own style to the table. With a whopping 11 artists on hand, Spencer, Will Merck, Stephen Yeyo, Artis, Butch, Chuck, Graham, Vinnie and James, they all have extremely solid tattoo work. This shop is definitely one of the most appealing shops in the Denver area, but in my opinion the coolest. I debated whether to give 5 stars or not, but on consideration I can’t really find anything about my experience with TFB which I could mark them down for. Which is by no means an easy task, but it seems to be no sweat for the 7 custom artists on hand (Jeff, Morbid, Ward, Xander, Jay, Mike and Shanna) with professional piercer Dustin and the newcomer Becky, who is currently working on her apprenticeship.
They all specialize in custom tattoos, so you can always rely on getting what you pay for each and every time you visit.
They are constantly being published in Magazines all over the world, and frequent many tattoo conventions.
For those looking into getting tattooed, Colorado hosts an array of professional shops offering many styles…and many of these styles are unique to this particular state.

The guys and gals at Pens & Needles are open 7 days a weeks, with the exception of holidays.
Come visit Certified Customs 7 days a week and see why they are the 3rd Highest Rated tattoo shop in the 303. And for those wondering just how many shops reside here, you have an option to choose from over 80+ tattoo shops.
Come see why these guys are the champs in Colorado, how their incredible reviews are impossible to fabricate.
So with that being said we have compiled all the shops and calculated the amount of reviews for each shop and picked the Top 5 Highest Rated Shops in Colorado.
For those that are looking into traveling here to get tattooed, I can assure you will have great time meeting some of the most genuine artists that you’ll find throughout the entire country.

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