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New Tattoo Laws in Washington DC - Richmond Tattoo Shops Richmond Tattoo ShopsThe Best Tattoo Resource in Richmond, VAHome A» New Tattoo Laws in Washington DCNew Tattoo Laws in Washington DCSeptember 10, 2013 by Josh Squires Generally, when tattoo laws are passed, it’s a good thing. A Tattoo laws are often enacted to protect patrons and the laws focus largely on health standards and age limitations.
According to a report from the Washington Post, the law was passed last year and is just now being enacted. It stands to reason that these tattoo laws could have a serious negative impact on a tattoo shop’s ability to do business. Alexander who initiated the regulation process for the tattoo and body arts industry in DC because she learned that it was one of the only areas in the United States that did not regulate this industry.Why Tattoo Laws MatterIn general, tattoo shop regulations, laws, and policies are a good thing. They reduce health risks, mitigate liability, and ensure that businesses are properly licensed, cleanly and safely operated, and are run by a knowledgeable staff.

As an editorial aside, it seems that someone who wants a tattoo and has to wait a day to get it may end up going to a different shop to do it. This can cause tattoo shops and artists to lose income and doesn’t really serve as any sort of guard or protection to the customer. If the idea is to make sure that the customer is in a sober state of mind and has given the tattoo some thought, that’s already a standard practice at most reputable tattoo shops. It’s common practice for tattoo artists or shop owners to turn away would-be patrons who are under the influence.
According to a quote given to the Washington Post, Yvette Alexander does not believe that the artists or shop owners can tell if a patron or customer is under the influence.Could We See These Kinds of Tattoo Laws in VA?Richmond, VA and Washington DC have a lot in common. We’re both socially liberal cities governed by conservative politicians who like to make laws for the sake of making laws.

It’s also not uncommon for these laws to be in direct conflict with popular public beliefs. That being said, it was only last year that Governor Bob McDonnell did away with the waiting period for firearms.
So vigilance is key.What will happen with regards to the tattoo laws in DC?Washington DC has 30 days for constituents to make their complaints or suggestions for improvement to the 66-page policy document.
The district has a good record of making these changes and coming up with laws that better take into account the thoughts and feelings of the residents of DC.

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