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Vina Del Mar was my immediate destination after climbing Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America. 65 million years ago this Utahceratops got his hands on a leather-bound copy of Origin of Species and hes grappling with the fact that he shares a common ancestor with a fish! Once I arrived to the city all I wanted was to do was eat ice cream, visit the beach and relax with a drink in my hand. I felt like I was in a city that was a melting pot of culture from both Americas and was topped off with European culture.
This hotel in the lower right photo was actually shaped like a ship, but I was so close that I could only capture a corner of it.
I didn’t go to any dedicated wildlife areas in this part of Chile so nothing too impressive to share here. Lots of places in the city had some interesting architecture and designs that caught my eye.

There are all sorts of designs in Vina Del Mar such as ships or boats, a few futuristic buildings, but castles seem to be the city’s favoriite. This left photos shows a restaurant, and on the right is an awesome cafe I went to almost every morning. Most of my sunny days here were lost to overcast skies that also kept the weather pretty cool in the low 60s (17C). Below on the left is me celebrating by drinking a margarita and in serious need of a haircut after three weeks on the mountain. I remember they had a coffee drink called the mafioso which had liquor in it and was great for hangovers!
There water wasn’t the best temperature to swim in at this time of year, but when the weather changes there are plenty of sandy areas as well as rocky ones! This combined with some of the steep inclines the city has made Vina Del Mar feel a little San Franciscoish.

On the right is me entering the water fulfilling our vows to go to the beach once we got off the mountain. Below is a photo of downtown Vina Del Mar and its main river just before it exits the city. These two other castles are hotels, with the one on the upper right having an Africa theme once you stepped inside. On the lower right is Vina Del Mar’s main commercial street called Valparaiso, where all kinds of restaurants and exotic shops are found, and even at least one tattoo parlor.

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