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A tattoo stencil is an outline of a tattoo design applied directly to the skin in the area to be tattooed and is a good way of being sure the design is exactly where you want it. The stencils primary function is to create a guide for the artist to follow to form the linework of a tattoo design, similar to a blueprint. The artist will ink over the lines of the stencil, this ensures more accurate rendition of the design than could be achieved freehand.
A body image can be drawn in various ways or have elements added to elaborate or emphasise the original design. Just as people find expression through song and dance, others do it by using their bodies as a canvas.

Everyone choosing a tattoo does so for their own individual reason be it a personal and significant decision or just a spontaneous whim. This may include a flowery print or an angelic design to portray your inner beliefs or emotions.
An individual is really only limited by their imagination and a lack of an experienced and knowledgeable tattoo artist.
Perhaps a more intense piece such as tribal artwork for an exotic and mysterious rendition. However, please take note, if you are not a great artist or even particularly creative, ask for help!

While a skilled image artist won’t be able to perform magic, he or she can help individuals come up with some great ideas or flush out some of the ones that they already have.
Whatever design you decide upon your tattoo artist will need to apply a stencil and so create an outline before any work can start.
If you do design your own body art remember that a stencil will be needed, so create one before you submit your work to an artist.

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