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The new ink comes while Harry Styles is enjoying a two-week break from touring in Los Angeles, and despite the fact that the heavily-tattooed pop star recently admitted that he regrets some of his ink. The ship tattoo has, and probably always will be, linked to Taylor, not just because she was at the tattoo parlor with Harry when he got it inked, but because a near-identical tattoo was spotted on the arm of a dude in one of the songstress’ music videos as well.
Rumor has it, Harry regrets losing Taylor Swift and reportedly told her during a post-VMA dinner date that “he was mad to let her go.” It could be that the rose tattoo is a secret tribute to the one that got away.

In fact, while Justin and Harry’s rose tattoos are slightly different in design, they are inked in almost the exact same location.
If anything is certain it’s that there will definitely be more Harry Styles tattoos in the future!

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