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Although someone may experience more pain to get a wrist tattoo as the wrist has less fat just like the foot, a wrist tattoo poses no more risk than any other placement location.
The word love is a direct signage to reflect one’s attitudes, compassion and affection.
What makes me unbelievable in this tattoo is that the artist managed to shrink the complex world map on the tiny area of the wrist.
Does wanderlust fill your soul every time you hear of people traveling to exotic destinations? If you are the kind that follows star signs you would know that among all the signs Sagittarius is a born traveler and a true-blue Sagi is always up for fresh travel adventures. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Small Simple Tattoos, Women Sleeve Tattoos, Clever Tattoos and Love Bird Tattoos. The brown shaded effect gives an old style feel to this tattoo showing the Pilgrim Fathers’ ship progressing towards the New Land of America. The green shades mark the wild areas in the heart of the continents in this beautiful tattoo which also has a compass shape at the bottom of the design. As the feet travel round the world it seems appropriate to get them inked with this map of the world with latitude and longitude divisions. The bright colors of adventure come alive in this lovely arm tattoo designed with a glove and flower patterns. Check out this detailed outlined tattoo that shows a compass and a map of the world, the two things you do need while following your travel plans.
The feet tattoos of this woman celebrate her magical adventures and the call of her wandering soul to explore worlds beyond. It is great to show off your love of adventure with a map of the entire world inked on your back. The north is surely the path of the guiding star, and if your star to guide your life is traveling you’ll surely love this elegant travel tattoo.
The locked suitcase in this tattoo design holds above it the form of a giant globe with a red plane making its way through gray clouds swirling all around. The bare back of this woman reveals the map of the world as the permanent ink design shows her eternal desire for travel.
Traveling in olden times meant tales of fascinating lands with magical creatures as this map tattoo with a mythic dragon figure shows. This man stretches out his hand to show off the simple map of the world spread out in a horizontally designed arm tattoo. The map of a place is styled almost in the shape of a gun with the text 80’s Baby in this tattoo design on the upper arm. The journey this time is into the realms of the world of Lord of the Rings in this amazing tattoo detailing the map of Middlearth.

You can see the freshly inked rich shape of the compass at the foot of this spread out world map tattoo on the back.
This enigmatic brown and black shaded tattoo possibly is a sign of a mysterious place in the land of imagination with brown spirals on all sides giving a magical look to the design. The bold black outlines show the figure of a oldtime ship out on its adventures in the high seas with a travel related text on top. Mountains, forests and so much more greet this ship on its way to new lands in this magical tattoo shaded in gray. This travel tattoo shows the symbolic desire for traveling through a complex network of geometrical shapes with circles being the prominent shape. The forearm is inked with a large compass with a rope and a skull completing the look in this pirate theme travel tattoo design. The route of the ship is neatly traced with a dotted line in this travel tattoo celebrating the journey from one country to another. The intricate artwork done with delicate shading and fine lines shows the figure of a magnificent ship of the ancient times. The figure of a girl, a car and a checkflag come together in this delightful tattoo on the upper arm. Whenever people go on travel they usually have a map on paper but these peoples are so crazy that they got tattooed a world map on their body.
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Three years ago, travel blogger Bill Passman was sitting in a bar in Utila, Honduras, when he ran into an acquaintance and noticed her tattoo of a world map.
The tattoo has the latest coloring but will another update in couple of months as I am currently in Thailand and will be visiting 3 new counties, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Most memorable country is difficult as every country has something special but hiking in Nepal for 18 days to Everest Base Camp was breathtaking scenery.
The only new tattoos I am considering are a compass to go with my world tattoo and possibly one of my favorite travel quotes. The biggest privately owned island in the Bahamas is up for sale … for $55 million: Its video tour, however, is free!
Wrist is one of popular place to get tattooed as it’s one of visible areas for people to see your designs. No matter on the right or left wrist or both, it’s important to have to study of the design and get the tattoo idea fixed. Although the motif could be personal, the abstract representation leaves broad room to interpret its meaning. This pair of rose tattoos fuse the henna style and make it difficult to tell they are on the different wrists of sisters.

I think it is such a cool idea to have a map of the world tattooed on your body, and whenever you visit a new country you fill it in with colours.
Do your fondest dreams consist of backpacking or being a tourist in different parts of the world?
But the other signs also have people who enjoy the grass beneath their feet or the road spread out wide in front of them, inviting another round of exploration.
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When she said she planned to put a red dot on all the places she had visited, an inspired Passman decided to also tattoo the world map on his back — right down to the specific countries so he can update it with each country he’s been to by colouring it in. To be standing at 5500 meters and have Everest and other mountains still so high above you is incredible.
And it’s always the same important to find a professional tattoo artist as he knows how to make you feel comfortable and less hurt.
In this tattoo, the phase is surrounded with heart symbol and music notes, which gives the meaning of enjoy everyday and do things today. Find meaningful words and fancy tattoo fonts are imperatives to have an eye-catching tattoo on your wrist. If you are filled with the madness to see new lands and explore cultures and people on their own terms get your lust for adventure tattooed on your skin.
There is something about travel that truly frees a person’s soul, and once you step out of familiar surroundings you really are never the same again. Overall Guatemala is my favorite country due to its natural beauty, amazing people, old Spanish colonial buildings and so inexpensive. If you are looking for inspirations to get a tattoo on the wrist, here you may find ideas from the collection of 50 awesome wrist tattoos. A small outlined map of the world inside the wrist fx, reminding you to be adventurous, travel the world and chase your dreams!
Travel Tattoos tell the story of your travel dreams and heart desire like nothing else can. Get the world map inked on your back, paint the colors of travel dreams with permanent ink on your bare arms, pick up your bag and get ready to tour the world. Travel on a shoe-string budget or go on a luxury tour, see the world with your eyes in a new way. The world is full of so much of magic and the richness of interactions with people, animals, food habits, customs, and even the styles of buildings that you will never get bored.

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