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Wow if I run into someone this Halloween with effect makeup that looks as realistic as the video above it will certainly send shivers up my spine.
I spontaneously created never-before-spoken profanities when I realized what I was looking at. Man, I love tattoos, bu ti would never cut chunks of my skin off just so that it can turn into a decorative scar. When para-medical tattooist Basma Hameed was two years old, a kitchen accident with hot oil left her with severe burns. She went through over a hundred medical procedures including cosmetic surgery and laser treatments, but half of her face remained red and scarred.
After visiting a tattoo artist to replace an eyebrow she lost in the accident, Hameed wondered why her skin colour couldn’t be restored in a similar way. She trained to become a tattooist and managed to transform her own face, disguising the red marks with ink. In 2011 the Iranian national opened a para-medical tattoo centre in Toronto to help others transform their lives in a similar way.

Her patients include other scarring victims, people with vitiligo and breast cancer survivors who need their areolas redrawing. Through her charity, the Basma Hameed Survivors Foundation,¬†she is able to help to many individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford the treatment. Remember when George Formby’s wife Beryl told the architect of apartheid to piss off? A mother is furious after a teacher at a day-care facility her five-year-old son attended, scrubbed a temporary Chuck E.
Silverdale Kinder-Care Centre released a statement saying: 'The teacher involved no longer works for Kinder-Care. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
It demonstrates that you can really step it up from the production rubber mask that most people pick up at the corner drugstore. See MASONS story MNTATTOO: Two schoolboys have been scarred for life after temporary tattoos burnt into their skin on an Easter Holiday from hell.

Liam and Owen Groves pestered their mother to allow them to have henna body art while on an all-inclusive holiday in Egypt. We all have a few scars here and there from the inevitable misfortunes of living life but a scar tattoo is the deliberate mutilation of the skin to form a raised tattoo from the resulting scar tissue! But instead of natural henna which dyes the skin brown the tattooist used super strong black henna.
You wouldn’t catch me even considering doing something like this for a second but I guess it appeals to many people. On the plane home Liam, 16, and Owen, 14, couldn’t stop itching and had to be pulled out of school when they returned to the UK as they were writhing in agony from sores. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.'Silas has now been removed from the center and his mother has filed a police report.

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