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The arms of the wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as ‘The Rock’, are of immense fascination for tattoo lovers.
Tattoo lovers are a bunch of people who prefer to express their thoughts and beliefs through this form of body art. Very original and perfect placement for name tattoos designs and all kinds of scripts and quotes design.
Nowadays, it has become quite common to see guys flaunting detailed tattoos covering most of their backs, shoulders, chests and arms. This is because the acclaimed wrestler sports an intricate Samoan tribal tattoo on his left arm and a bull on his right arm.
They love to flaunt designer tattoos that represent some key features of their personality. Full back tattoos, shoulder tattoos, arm tattoos, wrist tattoos and leg tattoos are most popularly flaunted by both men and women. This is because the shoulder provides enough space for a large, intricately designed pictorial tattoo.
This is because there is ample space on the shoulder to include a few different flowers, and maybe have them connected by a fine. The shoulder is able to provide amble space for almost anything that you would like, and also allows the artist more space to create more intricate designs. Tattoo artists often develop unique designs that cover both the chest and the shoulders, featuring interesting pictures and patterns with tribal designs being most common among all.
According to the wrestler himself, the Samoan tribal tattoo was for honoring his Samoan heritage.

Back tattoos, shoulder tattoos, chest tattoos, arm tattoos and knuckles tattoos are very common among men from various age groups. Tattoos inked on the shoulder region can be further classified depending on the exact location of the tattoo on the shoulder. Some people choose to have smaller designs on the shoulder, while others may opt for a larger design.
The flowers can represent a number of different things, depending on the flower the culture that originally came up with the comparison. The shoulder is also one of the least painful areas on the body to receive a tattoo as well because there are not very many nerves at the skin level in the shoulder. The detailed chest and shoulder tattoos generally take multiple sittings to complete, but the end result is worth the patience.
The elaborate tattoo implies a lot of things for him like his family, roots, his future, past, his struggle, etc. Celtic patters, religious designs and symbolic animal tattoos are very popular as shoulder tattoos. Shoulder tattoo types depending on their location include back shoulder tattoo, shoulder cap tattoo and front shoulder tattoo.
In fact, some people have entire back tattoos that fill their back from shoulder to shoulder.
There are many different types of pictorial tattoos that are commonly placed on the shoulder.
The shoulder is an ideal place for a tribal tattoo because the shoulder gives the artist a lot of room to work with, and tribal tattoos tend to look best when there is a fair amount of space for the tattoo. Shoulder and chest tattoos have gained popularity among women as well, who often flaunt feminine tattoos featuring flowers, vines, stars, butterflies etc.

It also artistically implies his achievements, wards off evil eyes and guides and enlightens him. Shoulder and back tattoos as well as shoulder and chest tattoos are also very popular as they allow a wide space for creating elaborate attractive designs. This area of the body is really great with the pain that comes from tattoos, and is a relatively large space where you can place a very large, intricately designed tattoo if you so choose to.
Some of the more creative of these may even wrap around to the front side of the shoulder as well.
Tribal tattoo designs are usually completed filled in with black, and do not usually feature very much color.
You can go for this tattoo or this type of tattoo if the beauty of the Samoan tribal tattoo appeals to you, if you are a die-hard fan of the wrestler, or if you like the meaning and the implications of the tribal motifs that tattoo represents. Check out some amazing shoulder tattoo ideas below and pick the one that suits you the best. This is a common spot to flaunt fashionable tattoos with women often looking for feminine back shoulder tattoos featuring flowers, vines and butterflies. This is an ideal place for pictorial tattoos because many of these are seen as distasteful by the working world, and having them on the shoulder allows the individual to cover them up quite easily.

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