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In the modern world, Pentagram and Nautical Stars are mostly used for tattoos that stand for hope, goals, safe and protection. Although there are those who wish to ink the entire cheetah on their skin, others are caught with the beauty of the mysterious paws or spots of  the cheetahs. If you wanted to go all the way on  your tattoos, you can try a full sleeve tattoo designs. Ladies are great fans of Queen Cleopatra that is why it is not surprising for them to ink this Egyptian Character on their skin. This is actually one of the most famous tattoo designs that ladies wanted to ink on their full sleeves.
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Ranging from the Hollywood stars who got ink all over their body to singers and artists who have tats on their skin, tattoo designs for women, are indeed becoming a serious business. Apart from the famed queen, women also get inked the different Egyptian symbols, writings and idols of the golden age. And if you decided to get inked too, here are some of the tattoos design ideas you may want to try. Inking cheetah tattoo designs mean Elegance and Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Speed, Agility, Intelligence, Focus and Determination and Allure and Seduction.
Since stars are usually an indicator as navigation at night, sailors would have stars as tattoos to take them to right direction, hoping they will be safe too. Hence, if you see yourself as exotic and animalistic, then you cannot go wrong with cheetah prints.

Sometimes I Wish I Could Erase My Body Like An Etch A Sketch And Start All Over For Fun.This Is Really Neat. Stars are beautiful and symbolic which means you would never go wrong having them inked on your skin.

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