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Angel tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays, especially among the youth of the new generation. The word “angel” comes from a Greek word “aggelo” which means to pass along or announce something.
Angel tattoo designs can be created in different forms according to the person’s own preference and style.
Although, angels are generally associated with God’s good aspect, not all angel tattoos express faith and devotion.
With every belief comes our own way of expressing our faith and opinion about things surrounding us. So now a number of questions floating in my mind have left me wondering if tattoos take away or add to a black man’s sexual appeal.  Are women attracted to men because of the so-called bad boy appeal that tattoos exude?
I suppose the reason for getting tattoos varies as much as the tattoos themselves.  With the onslaught of people stepping into tattoo shops one might think this was something entirely new. My grandfather God rest his soul wore a tattoo of an American eagle on his arm.  He was not an athlete, rocker or thug.
Since tattoos have been around for quite a while I wonder why have they become such a big deal and in some cases taboo with some members of our community.  Could it be due to celebrities (especially rappers and athletes) wearing them more?  Could it be because people have chosen to wear tats in some places that are considered inappropriate such as the face and neck? In the end should we be concerned with brothers that to choose to wear tattoos as if they are personal accessories? Whatever the case may be I am certain this is one argument that will continue to be a point of debate for years to come?

Men and women are fascinated with angel tattoos because of its special meaning and representation.
That is why many people believe that angels are messengers of God, sent to bring peace and serenity among mankind. Certain individuals would like to have angel wings tattooed between the blades of their shoulders to create an illusion that the person wearing it is naturally born with angel wings. Personally it does not matter either way, as long his body is not covered with them.  But again this is solely my personal opinion, which of course has no bearing on what others choose to do with their body. As a matter of fact tattoos have been worn for thousands of years.  It has been said that mummified bodies from different cultures have been discovered in different parts of the world.
The frozen and preserved body of a man was located at the border of Austria and Italy, high up in the Alp Mountains.
If a man tattoos himself for swag appeal, self-expression or just because it’s the-in-thing to do, should others really be concerned even when it does not affect them? Tattoos have become very popular and it’s nice to see other people that have the same interest.
But much like grills, there are alot of men that had or wanted tattoos before the fad began. Others use it to commemorate their loved ones who just passed away because they believe that we transform into angels in the after life to guide and protect the people we love most. Another type of design are the guardian angel tattoos which brings comfort and serenity to the person wearing it.

Fallen angels are believed to be angels banished from heaven because of disobedience and misbehavior. Angel of death is frequently identified with Satan or the Grim Reaper, a fictional character in stories and myths.
Their tattoos may have showed off their male prowess or they may have been used to attract a female suitor. Angel tattoos expresses our personal relationship with God, our pure devotion and God’s unconditional love for mankind.
Some of the most popular designs of fallen angel tattoos are created with menacing images of demons or dark angels.
Remember that tattoos reflect your personality and may even identify you of your way of life. Most people associate this kind of angel tattoo design with Cupid, an angel who brings lovers together by shooting an arrow through their heart. So, if your looking for the perfect angel tattoo design, make sure that you choose what you think is more suitable for you.
Tattoos may last a lifetime and these angel tattoos could really look out for you every step of the way.

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