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The Egyptian tattoos presented in this site can add a mysterious element to your aura, thus greatly increasing your overall appeal. People who have respect for the art of Tattooing also have respect for the man who creates them with his or her perseverance and even for the man or the woman who takes it on his or her body. Practically there are not a lot of places that can carry the designs with an aura that will make the design a mark of the personality of the man.
The Rod of Asclepius is an ancient Greek symbol associated with medicine, consisting of a serpent coiled around a rod.
His daughters are Hygieia (goddess of cleanliness), Iaso (goddess of recuperation from illness), Aceso (goddess of the healing process), Aglea (the goddess of splendor and adornment), and Panacea (goddess of universal remedy). The Rod of Asclepius symbol is often confused with the Caduceus, symbol of commerce associated with the Greek god Hermes.
Some scholars have suggested that the symbol once represented a worm wrapped around a stick.
Parasitic worms, such as the Guinea Worm, were common in ancient times: They pierced the skin, and physicians used to extract them by slowly rolling them around a stick. Ancient physicians probably advertised this common service by putting a sign showing a worm on a stick in front of their house. The Rod of Asclepius is the logo of the World Health Organization and the symbol of the American Medical Association.
A similar symbol is mentioned in the Bible as having been used for healing by the bite of the snake.
On the other hand, the Caduceus symbol consisted of a rod with two snakes coiled around it. The word was mainly used to indicate the rod assigned to the Greek god Hermes as herald (messenger) of the gods and patron of commerce. This rod was represented with two wings on the top and two snakes to symbolize diligence and prudence, two characteristics very necessary in trading activities.

In the Roman adaptation of the Greek pantheon, Hermes was identified with the Roman god Mercury, who developed many similar characteristics, such as being the patron of commerce. The Caduceus symbol alluded directly to the myth of Hermes, who saw two snakes fighting and touched them with his rod so that the two animals would stop fighting.
As mentioned above, the Caduceus is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine because it is similar to the Rod of Asclepius. Here you find the Symbolism Dictionary, a comprehensive dictionary that lists approximately 5000 such topics and then graphically identifies symbols for them.
Florence Inferno is a blog about the Florentine mysteries, symbols, and places that are mentioned in Dan Brown’s latest novel Inferno, and much more about the city. With its rich cultural heritage and a mystical form of religion, this country has been able to fascinate both historians and civilians ever since the earliest times. The art of Tattooing is one of those acts that have been going on in the world since the dawn of the earliest civilizations. A man can effectively choose a great design and hence get it tattooed on him anywhere on his body, but the real worry is the fact that where does he gets it tattooed. In the Roman adaptation of the Greek pantheon, Asclepius was identified with the god Vediovis. The English word comes from the Latin caduceus, which echoes the ancient Greek kerix, translated as herald.
We also offer a guided Inferno walking tour, which follows the footsteps of Robert and Sienna, as well as an an eBook with an audio version.
It is thus no wonder that people love to associate themselves with this culture and a great way to do so would be to sport tattoos that depict the symbols so frequently associated with the ancient Egyptian civilization. Tattoos have always had some or the other kind of stories attached to it, which refers to some deeds of heroics or chivalry.
A tattoo cannot just be done on any part of the body and expected that it will look good because it has a great design.

The chest region has a grand flat space, which can be effectively used for the creation of the perfect chest tattoo designs to portray your own image or nature.
Wallpaper images in the Sea Life club tagged: sea life fish shark dolphins coral reefs diving. Egyptian tattoos are quite diverse in their range and may include pictorial symbols like the Ankh, the Eye of Horus or the Udjat and the Shen or The Endless Circle. A major role is played by the body part when it is about looking good of the tattoo design. Thus it can also be used as a mark of the perfect and yet vulnerable nature that a man possesses.
Other popular motifs depicted in Egyptian tattoos include various gods and goddesses such as Ra, Anubis, Isis, Horus, Seth and Nephthys; the scarab beetle, the cat, as well as hieroglyphic symbols. Thus, we can surely call the designs that one is embedded in himself as the kind of nature he is or precisely the kind of things that he has done!
Not all men can carry great designs of tattoo and even more precisely not all the body parts of the men can carry the great designs. Egyptian tattoos can look very intriguing no matter on which part of the body they are done. To show that a man not only can bear a lot of strength but also have positive attitude we have some example of best chest tattoos for men.

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