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Having some of the highest calibre tattooers from Japan and around the world at this convention, it is only fitting that there was of course some of the highest calibre tattoos on display aswell! Adding to the central design of the back piece, the arms and legs  frame a traditional Japanese tattoo. Located in the heart of the Surry Hills fashion district, we are a stones throw from Central Station. This is a tiny sample of what I have done, if you want to see many more pictures please come by the shop and look at my photo portfolio.

Please respect the rights of the people who wear these and have your tattoo drawn specifically for you at a reputable tattoo shop as they have done for themselves.
These were all showcased on the final day of the convention during the Tattoo Contest Competition. In traditional Japanese tattooing, the back piece is the central part of the body suit, and occupies the whole back side from neck to about 20-30cm below the buttocks.
In particular, the judges are looking for a well planned out body suit where the elements on the arms, legs and chest compliment the themes on the back piece, bringing together a well harmonised suit.

If you like these letters and you want to book in with me specifically then make sure you ask for me by name at the shop. This is the biggest area of the body that can be tattooed and viewed in one glimpse, hence the back piece usually features a large scale subject such as a dragon, deity or warrior.

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