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We think Celtic tree of life is not very different from the cross because they both put up a link between earth and heaven. Only a few people know that Celtics were ruling all over the Europe some 3000 years before, till the Roman Empire came to the Europe.
Let's take a look at few reasons those are responsible for the popularity of these designs as tattoos. As you already know "Trees" are truly important and helpful to us in a way to provide food, shelter and comfort.
That's why a Celtic tattoo tree of life can symbolize eternity by weaving roots and branches together to depict endless life.
You can see how beautifully his artist combined black lines with the interact Celtic design. You should be clued-up that inking tattoos of Celtic tree will simply indicates that you believe in eternity or perpetuity.
But as we think these designs are preferred by people who want to get a medium size of tattoo.
As we said earlier Celtic tree tattoo also symbolizes a connection between heaven and earth.

These branches of tree have continuous loops with no end that normally symbolize a never ending cycle of dying and rebirth. As far as color of the design is concerned as we told you these designs are done in black ink. Trees have been important and significant throughout history, from the ancient Druids and Greeks to modern society and culture.
Trees have been important and significant throughout history, from the ancient Druids and Greeks to modern society and culture.
Leaves, branches, trunk, bark, and roots are all important aspects of trees and necessary for survival. They provide fruit, which nourishes the body, and convert carbon monoxide, a human waste product, into oxygen, essential for life. Trees are long lasting and resilient. It is not uncommon for a great tree to be thousands of years old.
Although the specific meaning can vary from society to society, the tree of life tattoo design stands for abundance, the Creator, strength, protection, wisdom, knowledge, sustenance, beauty, forgiveness, salvation, and growth.
It is important to know the symbolism of different trees when choosing a tattoo design that features a tree or tree leaf, so that you can select the right species to best represent the exact meaning you want to portray.

Tattoo designs that feature visible roots might represent a connection to the past, a firm foundation, a grounded approach to life, strength of will, or the importance of ancestry and history. Roots provide nourishment for the tree, as well as anchoring it and keeping it secure through times of trouble or hardship.
We are seeing that Celtic tattoo tree of life have become very popular choice amongst folks in recent years.
Trees provide shelter in storms, lumber for heat and construction, and shade from the hot sun, not to mention the beauty they add to a landscape. The following is a selection of some of the most popular trees for tattoos and their meanings.
They symbolize time and transitions, fragility and sacrifice. Leaf tattoo designs on a tree can show a newly budded leaf (youthfulness), a fully grown leaf (adulthood), a vibrant fall leaf (maturity and experience – positive), or a cracked, withering, or decaying leaf (maturity and old age – negative).
The people of Germany believed the lime and linden trees were sacred, while the Lebanese favored the cedar tree.

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