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For the cover story, Thugger spoke on when he first heard Lil Wayne, what he likes about him so much, trying to sign to Cash Money, calling his debut studio album Tha Carter VI, what he learned from Wayne, and if he will appear on Tha Carter V.
That eww song is a alright song but young thug sound retarted as fuck on that song he sound like he was it a special needs class as a kid I’m not a fan of his but some of the songs he dropped was alright I hope Wayne bein on the remix of eww the song would be a lot betteri can see Wayne with his autotune flow on it. And i listen to Isaiah Rashad and the whole TDE camp and they are good actually very good i just dont see them ever being as good as wayne was. Can somebody can tell me where I can listen to the “no problems” song that plays in the video????
Since we are now in Tha Carter V season 2013-2014, let’s take a look at the highlights from Tha Carter IV season 2010-2012, looks like we had a pretty good season. So jus a thought, what if Wayne wants to release another Carter after 5 wtf is he gonna call it now!? I used to think Kendrick was a big Wayne dick-rider for covering an entire Wayne album and calling it C4… and then I discovered Thugger F.
I don’t know if to cry and laugh, because this nigga is going to call his album Tha Carter VI.
Too all real weezy fans can somebody please go on Twitter and ask Mack Maine on his twitter page get Lil Wayne interviewed about really letting Young Thug call his album Tha Carter 6 XI ????
This is the time for fans too speak up about this confusing story the whole world wanna know if weezy really gonna let Young Thug call his album Carter 6 ???? On Friday evening, Lil Wayne kicked off All-Star Weekend by partying at the Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana.
I highly doubt he’s on lean… That shit will kill him so why would you guys want him to drink it? If this was a year ago wayne woulda probably showed up on a skateboard in some rediculous trukfit alfit and making stupid ass faces in the camera. DANNY I see you pointed out that wayne had 2 cups and a blunt in these pics on twitter as if that’s a good thing .,smfh I hate wayne fans like that, nothing wrong with a blunt but that syrup shit had wayne out his damn mind!! U are tha realest fxcking fan man I’m with u, when u develop to be a true fan u learn that their is more to that person then just their music, image etc you also got to think about their life, family, and personality.

An upcoming rapper from Atlanta has been turning heads and raising eye brows with a recent picture he released on his Instagram page. After Frank Ocean became the first African-American music artist to announce his love for a person of the same-sex in 2012, it seems as if artists like Young Thug, who might have once been afraid to reveal who they really are, can now be more openly expressive. While rappers have been pushing the envelope with fashion for the last several years, with skinny jeans and, well, skirts, there has arguably not been anyone comparable to Young Thug and the two-piece outfit he is sporting; especially not a star on the rise. Though Young Thug has surprised many with the recent picture, he is known for being a bit bizarre.
Stop listening to this bullshit HIP HOP they put out now a days.The best HIP HOP was put out between 1984 until 1999 go back and listen to so real HIP HOP before it became commercialized and corporatized!!!! Young thug is buying into and embracing a negative social campaign designed to undermine the image of the strong black male figure in entertainment.
Andre 3000 was one of music artists that paid tribute to Phife Dawg at his memorial service, which took place at the Apollo Theater in New York City on Tuesday (April 5th) for 4 hours. While at the funeral, Andre spoke on how Phife Dawg and A Tribe Called Quest influenced him and Big Boi to rap and create Outkast. 3 Stacks doesn’t want to see older music artists hating on the younger artists and says influence will always keep them all connected.
Get off of this fucking site Young Money hating Kendrick lamar dick riding puke of the world.
You are not Wayne and you can’t never be Wayne, so stop this shit of calling your album Tha Carter VI! Will please somebody please please double cup me and everybody please please don’t judge me.
Notice he hasnt wore those crazy colored trukfit suites and shoes in a while and He also been getting back to rockin long chains lately.
He also went on to say how artists like Lil Wayne was then inspired by Outkast and then artists like Young Thug are being inspired by Wayne.
You can read exactly what Dre said about Weezy in his tribute speech at the memorial service after the jump below, as well as watch a video of it too!

You can also watch a new video of Game saying that he now wants Tunechi to make up with Thug and Birdman!
His whole attitude changed for the worse when he was on that shit too, he wasn’t humble the way he is now he was disrespectful and cocky.
I remember when he was touring he was also working on Dedication 5 Mixtape at the same time, and that was dope.
There is nothing wrong with Being private that seems to B the problem in the Gay life Everybody ways to B out N Bold. Bruh look at your comments, and who gives a fuck about who Kendrick looked up to, he did his own version of the C3 u dont think he looked up to Wayne your a straight TDE dick rider, oh and DMX aint a west coast legend he’s from Baltimore Maryland and was basically raised in NY dick.
I’m sick of it Ur sex life is private just like Drug dealing stop BN out front sat down somewhere.
Keep wayne and these fake ass young money artist and these no talented pointless affiliates of them. And lines that serve purpose, Georgia bush bars and he talks about the president, and tie my hands.
Wayne’s era came when he had no competition but the vets that rarely put out music so Wayne stood out more.
Bruh come on bro u dont gotta like Wayne now but u can’t knock the fact that he’s a GOAT! He is,the perfect example of expressing his real self in a,creative, raw, entertaining fashion..

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