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Have a bull with its horns surrounded by stars, while its tail spread out as the rays of the Sun. Depict a charging bull, with wind blowing from its nostrils, and its hooves, pounding the Earth to depict its fiery nature. In several instances, these creatures have been compared to lions, as both are protectors of herds in their own ways.
Another depiction is to get the Minotaur, a creature belonging to Greek mythology, which had the head of a bull, but a human torso. Due to its association with thunder and lightning, you could even get yourself a tattoo that shows a charging bull, with lightning in the backdrop, and perhaps, some cracks in the Earth as a finishing touch.
As mentioned above, these tattoos depict impulsiveness, strength, power, resurrection, kingship, fertility, and are also a symbol of the zodiac sign, Taurus.
As a Sun god, it represents the heaven and fire, while as a Moon god, it represents the Earth, water, the night, and death. Its blood has been considered to be useful in fertilizing the Earth, which is why it was sacrificed in several cultures.
A bull tattoo also symbolizes the domestication of a wild animal to serve man and the victory of intellect over brute strength.
As a symbol of death, in countries like India, princes and kings were cremated in bull-shaped coffins. Its thunderous roar and windy breath have been compared to thunder and other calamities in nature. In the Hindu religion, it is a symbol of fertility, further strengthened by its association to heat, fire, and the Sun. With all that this wild animal represents, getting yourself this tattoo would then be the perfect expression of the symbolism you would like to portray.
Bulls have been important in many cultures throughout the years, both for their use in farming and for their significance in religious ceremonies. The Taurus symbol is a simple circle with two horns on it (see left), symbolizing the head of a bull. Impulsive and short tempered: when viewed in the rodeo ring or running the streets of Pamplona, there is no question that a bull can be seen as impulsive and short tempered. Strength and aggressiveness: imagine the scene in a Spanish bull fighting ring, a bull charging at a man dressed in a funny custom, holding up a red cape.
India: cows and bulls are held in high regard in the Hindu culture for a multitude of reasons. Israel:the Hebrew aleph, or the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is the symbol of the bull.
The Celts: in the Celtic culture, bulls were often associated with the sun, while cows were associated with the earth. Native America: The popular image of the bull skull is commonly seen in Native American depictions, particularly those of the Plains Indians. Sports Teams: There is no way of getting around the fact that many sports teams feature bulls as their mascot.
Bull tattoos can be interpreted in many ways.  Bull Tattoos can be inked showing a positive or negative outlook, in simple or complicated design, and in single or multicolored shades.

If you want to know what kind of ideas make great Taurus tattoos, you can begin your search with this sign's basic personality characteristics. Taureans are born between April 20th and May 20th, and are known for their sheer determination if nothing else.
The bull is the best known image associated with Taurus, and although Taureans can be bull-headed, the story behind this imagery is actually a tale of forced romance.
The god Zeus was fairly well known for his attraction to mortal women, and in this instance it was the Greek princess Europa that held sway over his flighty affections.
As you now know the story of Europa and the bull, it's time to consider this sign's constellation as fodder for a completely awesome tattoo.You might choose to depict the bull constellation strictly with stars and the obligatory connecting lines that offer a brief suggestion of the bull imagery. If you're enjoying a long term relationship that you feel extremely confident about, you might want to incorporate your partner's sign with your own tat. The feminine Taurus may prefer to forego the bull imagery and go with a softer image associated with this sun sign. Daisies: a talented artist could construct an ankle daisy chain that uses the word Taurus in script as the connecting vinery. Roses: By the same token, picture a beautiful rose bud with a tiny script Taurus making up the stem. No matter whether you decide to go with the bull, the glyph or one of this sign's other associated images, all look fantastic when given either the tribal or Celtic treatment.Tribal style Taurus tattoos put the bull's jutting horns to perfect use, since tribal tats contain a good deal of sharp points and slices. On the other hand, Celtic style tats have a bit in common with tribal ink work, but it's the knot work that garner's this genre the most attention.
The Taurus tattoos presented here are quite dynamic and forceful, and would look good on both sexes. If you wish to get this creature as a tattoo, use some of these design ideas, with an explanation of its symbolism. As such, you can combine the two together and have a tattoo with each of them facing each other.
Because it represents fertility and plays the role of a father of the herd, and its fiery nature, it has been treated as a Sun god among several cultures. But remember, similar to bull tattoos, several other ones have a deep symbolic meaning, and learning about their symbolism and applying one in a manner that is suitable for you is what that makes body art, the perfect form of self-expression. What some men may not realize is that bull tattoo art has a lot of different meanings associated with it. For those born between April 20th and May 20th, having a bull tattoo may bring additional significance.
These dangerous events more than characterize this aspect of a bull’s character and what a bull tattoo could mean to you.
This image strongly depicts the bull’s aggressive tendencies and their destructive power.
A bull charging after a bullfighter in the ring must be distracted as they will continue after their target until there is nothing left, displaying their determination.
Whether cheering on the Chicago Bulls basketball team or showing your Texas longhorn pride, a bull tattoo can often symbolize the pride one has in his favorite sports team. In religious belief, the bull is represented by the masculine sun-god and considered as the king of the flock.  His connection with the sun show symbols of fire, heaven, and resurrection, while his moon connection gives symbols of water, earth, night, and death.

The Hindus believe the bull is a strong representation of fertility and strength, as its blood has fertilized the earth.  It is also linked up to winter and spring seasons as coming of death and bringing back again to life.
If you feel you need a safety net, have the tat done as the beginning of a potential sleeve. It is ruled by the planet Venus, and as such is associated with the concepts of properties, money, the arts as well as sensual pleasures. So before you get yourself branded, check out what the bull means to different people in different cultures. People born under the sign of Taurus are generally seen as being stubborn and strong willed, with a sympathetic side. Included in the winter astrological calendar, the symbol of the bull or the ox has yin properties. Lord Shiva always has a white bull by his side, displaying his masculine nature and virility.
The bull’s link to femininity or lunar feature doesn’t affect its masculinity’s point of view.  They believed that fertility is strengthened by the sun, heat, and fire which is solidly associated to the sacred cows of India.
People born under this zodiac sign truly appreciate the pleasures to be wrung out of life, and can sometimes be a bit materially oriented. For her part, Europa was fascinated with the seemingly gentle bull; so much so that she climbed upon his back.
This way if things don't work out, you can create a tapestry including the signs of past a future lives as well. Taurus individuals are known to be quite stubborn, bull-headed (much like their sign), determined and strong-willed. This animal has its place in several distinct cultures, both in mythological and symbolic ways. Bulls are typically viewed as a muscular animal that elicits images of strength and power in the minds of many. Additionally in Hindu culture, Rudra, a bull, is seen as fertilizing the world in the creation myth.
Known for knocking grown men off their backs, a bull tattoo can easily show the power and strength behind each creature. At this point, Zeus quickly whisked the princess away to the isle of Crete where he promptly forced his attentions on her. It has also been worshiped and has also been sacrificed to mother Earth and different gods.
That is how deep the symbolism of this ferocious animal is, and these are the meanings that you can portray by getting yourself any of these designs mentioned below. Alternatively, one may also want to sport a design that has a circle topped by a crescent-shaped U. Other popular Taurus tattoo designs include the constellation of Taurus, Celtic Taurus tattoo and tribal Taurus tattoo.

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