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If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Lily Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos and Cute Tattoos. The woman has got a barcode along with numbers that symbolize the birth dates of her family members. The presence of colors lends this barcode tattoo a cool look that symbolizes the admiration of the guy for the corporate culture. Check out this bold black barcode tattoo that is very exclusive and interesting in outlook.
Growing industrialization has turned every human hand into a product; this is the message of the barcode tattoo sitting on the palm. The boy has got a barcode on his nape along with numbers that represent the birthdays of his family members. Sitting below the collar bone, this barcode tattoo symbolizes that every human being is a product, out to be sold in the market called life. Carved along with the birth dates of the parents, this barcode tattoo is a symbol that the wearer is a product of love between his parents.
This barcode tattoo conveys the point that human beings are products selling themselves in the prison of life. The striped zebra overlapping the barcode design looks very nice and makes a sexy style statement. This barcode tattoo symbolizes the desire of the wearer to be set free from the chaotic world and attain serenity. Professional symbol of an industrial worker, this neat and crisp barcode tattoo looks cool as well. Take a look at the calf of the guy exhibiting a lovely barcode design created along with images of people. The guy sports a unique barcode tattoo done on his palm that is also a symbol that he believes in the materialistic culture. The guy got this catchy barcode tattoo as a tribute to his favorite heavy metal band Slipknot whose members had numbers as their aliases. The guy expresses his rebellion and frustration with the materialistic and industrial culture with this barcode tattoo.
The guy wears his love for his beloved on his sleeve through this barcode tattoo that also exhibits her name.
The guy loves music and it would not be an exaggeration to say that he is a musical product as his parents are musicians. Take a look at this barcode tattoo sitting on the back of the neck that looks very fresh and neat. The guy gives vent to his disillusionment and anti-corporate feelings with this barcode tattoo.

The red star perched on the barcode design symbolizes the rise and growth of the corporate culture that has made every human being a product. The man expresses his love for his daughter with a barcode tattoo that also carries her birth date and time. This barcode tattoo serves as a mark of identity for the wearer as it represents his birth date and initials. Distinctive and pretty, this barcode tattoo symbolizes the loss of variety due to the growing dominance of popular uniform culture. Have a look at the clean lines and neatly done numbers gracing the wrist of the guy in the form of a barcode tattoo.
Conveying the birth date of the wearer, this barcode tattoo makes a meaningful style statement. The girl expresses her dissent with the popular materialistic culture with this barcode tattoo.
The numbers above the barcode are a part of the girl’s bank account number, insurance policy number and mobile number. The girl shows her back barcode tattoo, displaying numbers that hold special meaning for her. The girl expresses her individuality with this barcode tattoo etched on the back of her neck.
The model uses her body as a product and conveys her sexuality through this barcode tattoo. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Coolest Tattoos, Shamrock Tattoos, Barcode Tattoos and Samurai Tattoos. Extremely detailed and neat in outlook, this Marine Corps tattoo makes an artistic style statement. The logo of USMC is a popular tattoo piece that can be easily found on the body parts of mariners.
The girl got the Marine Corps insignia tattoo on her arm in loving memory of her boyfriend.
The guy loves his marine profession and got a tattoo etched on his heart as a mark of love and tribute.
This mariner got the popular USMC logo tattoo on his arm to express his love and admiration for his profession. The guy got this black insignia tattoo on his arm as it inspires him to be loyal and faithful to his profession.
The mariner loves his profession and displays his love and pride with this cool front tattoo.

This gray and black arm tattoo of the mariner looks very unique and has got a serene and sober touch. Have a look at the eagle, globe and anchor that signify the logo of USMC and look very powerful.
The guy loves his profession from the bottom of his heart and this tattoo symbolizes the same passionate spirit. Oozing a realistic and earthy charm, this tattoo is symbolic of the wearer’s closeness and commitment to his profession. The guy got this Marine logo tattoo because many of his family members are in the USMC and he also wants to join it. This logo tattoo inspires and motivates the guy to uphold the loyal and brave values of the USMC.
This USMC guy wears the logo tattoo on his arm to express his pride and gratitude for his profession. The logo tattoo sitting on the arm of the guy conveys his aspiration to join the US Marine Corps. The cheerful mariner wears his love and loyalty for his profession on his chest in the form of a logo tattoo.
This is why people love to wear them to express their feelings, attitudes and various other emotions. The marine corps tattoos are a classic example of the strong admiration modern day sailors and mariners possess for the body art. Sometimes men and women get their birth dates or those of their children along with the barcode to produce a meaningful tattoo piece. Though the rules and regulations of the USMC are not very much in favor of tattoos, mariners love to get their body parts inked. The barcodes, as we all know, are machine readable data attached to a product as a mark of identity that helps in inventory control.
Not only this, they also motivate the mariners to uphold the values and pride of their profession. There are also people who get the barcode tattoos on their body to express their protest with the corporate greed and marketing culture. If you are interested in knowing more about the tattoos of marine corps then have a look at the post we have created here.

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