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As world known elephant tattoos has a beauty and charm that makes some of the new specials.
India and Asia, elephants are held in high, this is an example of the god Ganesh, who is often represented in art and architecture. They also have great symbolism for the backup, wisdom, nobility, and of course, force is an obvious feature, but elephants are also seen as an amulet for luck and good fortune. For this style, you can view the elephant portrait style with the face and body finely painted, beautiful silk on his back, and exquisite jewelry of his strong legs.

You can also create a more artistic and show something like the first, paint fading in red, orange, yellow and pale blue. They are usually sports a long eyelashes and innocent looks, and is generally considered in unusual situations, trans Best Tattoos Design of Elephant Tattoo tattoo god ganesh elephant Design for example, be led on a leash, or a pin within a model, a fairy, or maybe even the same user.
A more realistic version of the Elephant Show in great detail, often to show every line of his thick skin. They are usually presented in their natural environment, sometimes standing in a quiet area, or playfully splashing water, while at other times, they are in office, or the struggle between them.

These can be done in soft colors with a large amount of detail in the background, but the image of the elephant probably stay about the same.

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