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Para los que no esten al tanto de la historia de la obra de Larsson, el primer libro presentaba al periodista Mikael Blomkvist que investigaba la desaparicion de hace mas de 40 anos de la sobrina del empresario Henrik Vanger, para lo cual recibe la ayuda de la  extravagante y antisocial hacker Lisbeth Salander. Soy un gran fanatico de la novela original y realmente espero que el comic este a la altura de lo que uno puede esperar de un trabajo de la linea de Vertigo.
Wallpaper from cyberdyne-systems.fr article by Steven Benjamin (2012)When Terminator was released in the mid-eighties, it was hailed and would later prove to be a trend setting film, re-establishing the thought process of science fiction films.
Vertigo Comics (the adult comic section of DC Comics) have been given the rights for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novel series. Entrance to the 'Zone of alienation' Ukraine, a country which has intrigued me to no end… and it was they who were the primary target of Soviet propaganda since they were the biggest country, the biggest population outside of Russian territory to have to submit to the Soviet Union.
The cover for the first volume of Vertigo's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's bestseller "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." The adaptation was written by Scottish crime writer Denise Mina, with art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti.
Page 13 of the first volume of Vertigo's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's bestseller "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." The adaptation was written by Scottish crime writer Denise Mina, with art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti. Page 14 of the first volume of Vertigo's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's bestseller "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." The adaptation was written by Scottish crime writer Denise Mina, with art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti. Page 15 of the first volume of Vertigo's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's bestseller "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." The adaptation was written by Scottish crime writer Denise Mina, with art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti. Hero Complex recently caught up with Mina to talk about the challenges of bringing Larsson’s saga of computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist to the paneled page.
DM: I think graphic novels are closer to prose than film, which is a really different form. HC: So much of the story is devoted to the fraud that Blomkvist is investigating, that corruption plotline. DM: It really does, actually, because it’s bigger than a film and because you can have flashbacks without every reviewer talking about the flashbacks. DM: Academically it was a really interesting challenge because you have to kind of go through the book and work out what’s relevant and what isn’t, and especially in this format, because the first book is two graphic novels, so you have to work out what you can possibly end on in an ongoing narrative.
DM: I really wanted to make it quite silent because they’re both quite solitary characters. HC: So this project and your other comics work challenges you to become primarily a visual storyteller?
DM: Because I write prose, when I sat down to write a comic, it feels like my brain’s working differently. HC: Why has Larsson’s trilogy, in all its permutations, resonated so strongly with audiences? DM: I think the characters are great, and I think it’s set in Sweden so it’s quite unfamiliar.
HC: Were there elements of Larsson’s voice that were especially difficult to capture?
Our legion of super contributors includes Noelene Clark, Tracy Brown, Patrick Kevin Day, Blake Hennon,, Todd Martens and Jevon Phillips. Coming in December, DC will release comics based on Quentin Tarantino's forthcoming film Django Unchained. Juntos se veran involucrados en una trama que los llevara por un pasado de violencia, sexo y traiciones que los cambiaran para siempre. A key element in it's success, was the plausibility, or perceived plausibility of some of the events. So you've read the books, or perhaps braved the films (either versions), hence, you may want to give this a look. Because of this fact, the USSR rightly saw them as the biggest threat and as such, tried to rob the people of their identity.
The planned sextet will consist of two graphic novels for each book in the original trilogy; the first volume was released last month.

You really couldn’t have any of the fraud story in the film because you can’t really explain fraud in a movie unless you have a notice board. So you describe where the panels are on this page, like this is a small panel, this is closer in within this panel, this is a big panel, this is a round panel. And Salander is just a brilliant character, and she’s somebody that we haven’t really seen before. While it's not been officially announced, that project seems best suited to Vertigo as well.
For one, I started this website and blog (albeit at the behest and encouragement of friends). For years Ukrainian art and Literature were destroyed in an attempt to wipe out their heritage… Thankfully, the Ukraine, through all its problems, today stands on its own two feet.
And because, to be honest with you, people who read comics see themselves as a bit of an elite, and they’re much more thinking. Because I write a book a year, I always want to do one other project every year that’s stimulating in a different way. If you spend any time in Sweden you can kind of get the tone, but hopefully it’s not too Swedish chef, you know? It’s an enigmatic country much like its former northern rulers, and similarly with great potential, great mystery, deep pain as well as overwhelming beauty. And also I was particularly interested in representations of crimes of sexual violence in the book.
I know a lot of people who bought the book and didn’t read it, or gave up on it, and I think those people would like the comic. The interviews that I’ve done for this and other comics have been much more challenging than they have been for mainstream literary publishing. Just sitting down and taking someone else’s book apart was really instructive, looking at what he had done and what you can do with it and what wasn’t necessary.
So you have to see the page of the comic, and then you describe the lighting, who’s in it, what they’re doing, where they’ve moved to.
Personally I think they missed a trick in the film, both the films, because she’s like the way she is not because she’s anorexic or super clever or autistic; she’s like that because her mother was battered and brain-damaged from being beaten. For a long time it had been hidden in shadow, behind an iron curtain, under the Soviet fist and within its own insecurities. I attended the carols by candlelight once and nearly burnt the place down (who decided that one should place a lit candle in a combustible brown paper bag anyway?).
Obviously I knew we would have to represent [Lisbeth] being attacked and [her state-assigned guardian] being attacked. It doesn’t really come out that way in the book, and it’s impossible to do on film, but that’s what he’s talking about — that these giant corporations have no conscience. Also, comics are so different than narrative prose; you can’t have an internal monologue where someone goes off and realizes something.
That’s her sort of inception story is that she watched her mom being beaten as a little girl. They’re always going back to the archives, because these corporations are trying to create a history, but really, it’s a fiction and we have to hold them to account. I mean, it’s impossible to realize something without a voice-over in a comic book, so everything has to be on show. They’re really stimulating, and it really feels like a very different physical thing you’re doing, imagining the page, and imagining the reader and how they’re going to interact and how their eye’s going to move over the page.
If you’re working with artists and you trust them and you leave them to do their job, then they really appreciate it.
When you talk to people who haven’t read the book, they don’t really know that, because in the book, she keeps going to visit her mom.

I don’t think it was an accident that he was writing about fraud, and hopefully that really comes out in the book. I think people generally are becoming much more aware about the way corporations operate and what they are legally, and I think it’s much easier to do in a comic, partly because of the audience and partly because of the format. They’re either on top of them punching their face in or looking threateningly from the other side of the room. I studied art history at university … so I’m always really aware of where their eye is going to hit the page and how it’s going to move through that image, and how it’s going to come to the dialogue.
If you talk to people who have read the book, they’re really aware of that, that that was her origin story, that she was a wee girl who watched her mom getting beaten all the time. Over a quarter of a century on from that day in April in 1986 and a large patch of land still lies predominantly vacant, save a few citizens on the outskirts who have no alternative but to stay and grind out a dangerous living. So you see the close-up of the woman’s face as she’s kind of grimacing, and she could be in agony or she could be in ecstasy, and the full-body shots — all of them have been used on him and not on her. I hate it when I’m reading a comic, and the dialogue looks like stickers stuck on top to explain what’s going on. And that was really the reason I stayed keen to do it, because I just thought it would be a really interesting thing to do. And then you have to have a teaser at the end of the facing page, which is the right-hand page before you turn the page over, to make people want to read onto the next left page. For me the best is when your eye goes in a certain point and moves through the composition and then springs out on the dialogue, or gets confused in the image and then goes to the dialogue for an explanation. Larsson was really into politics, and it was a big tradition in Sweden of writing political narratives within detective fiction because it’s so accessible, and it’s a big movement in feminist crime fiction — like in the story, [Blomkvist is] naked and tied up and about to be raped, and [Lisbeth] breaks in and saves him.
Front: Angelique, Lenoray Progression by Bigup Productions - I recommend it It was released a few years ago, but watch it, if only just to see the legendary Chris Sharma send his Clark Mountain "impossible" superclimb project.
So you can have a picture of someone sitting looking really happy and then the dialogue saying, “This is the unhappiest year of my life” as a contrast. But you don’t really want people to only read the dialogue and then look at the pictures as an illustration. From these images it’s easy to see why it spawned a Hollywood horror film (Chernobyl Diaries - click for the trailer). He alluded to this during the concert by implying that we (the audience) just wanted her autograph and then he sang one of her songs - funny guy. Back to the concert: The band was made up of SA natives, thus we were supporting our own and they did a stellar job.
The audience was treated to a great deal of reggaesque sounds which I believe may have surprised some but as I pointed out to my sister, you can hear it in his CD’s.
We were also treated to his beat boxing and beat making skills, which was a musical delight. This he does by begging for beer, complementing audience members who’ve piqued his interest, getting down from the stage and singing directly to the audience by weaving about through them and by being a fun picture taker.
Sadly, despite him walking past me numerous times, I have no picture with the man himself, only of him.
Autonomous Robots have also been deployed in disaster relief efforts, and let’s not forget bomb disposal robots. DARPA (the USA’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is often associated with such projects.
It is in actual fact a series, or "family", of satellites, the first of which, Skynet 1 was launched in 1969 (the series, which was last updated, or shall I say the youngest addition was welcomed to the family just a few days ago with the launch of Skynet 5 - *report TBC) - predating the fictional Terminator version by a decade and a half.

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