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Bishop TD Jakes and many others had much to say about their fallen friend, son and brother in Christ at his homegoing service. Read below some of the comments from Jakes’ and others who gave their final words to Pastor Zach. Later in the sermon he said, “I don’t know what happened in that hotel room… but it was Zach who died and Dr. Jakes said Tims sometimes reminded him of a mischievous child who knew he was  too cute to scold.
This reminds us of how its always said that when someone passes on, they knew their time was coming. It is time for our leaders to sit down and get the deliverance they need before representing the Body of Christ. Sadly, Pastor Zachery will go down in history not just a great Pastor to many but as a Pastor who had an affair and was found dead before his time with white powdering substance in his pockets. Even if this is judging the world will judge and condemn the entire body of Christ when a Public leader fails to practice what they preach!
A tragedy all around, but if he predicted his death, and continued to use drugs, then this was really a slow suicide.

I have given this much thought and I truly believe that Pastor Tims did something horrific and ignominious while he was dealing drugs for which he could not forgive himself.
Lets keep the Lord in perspective here and try to understand what he wants us to learn from all this.
We all need to be careful how we judge becasue the bible also says “judge not less ye be judged. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Yasant?: Bireyin diger bireylerle ve cevresiyle etkilesiminin bireyde b?rakt?g? izlenimdir.
Kultur: Dogan?n yaratt?klar?na kars?l?k insanoglunun ortaya koydugu maddi, manevi her seydir. Google+ iOS, Sizin sosyal medya 'da mesaj atman?za, sesli, goruntulu toplu sohbet etmenize ve fotograf paylasman?za imkan sagl?yor. Tims — the charismatic, compassionate spiritual leader who ministered to imperfect people — and Zach, who was an imperfect person himself.
Either in words or actions, some people will express death in what they do weeks and days before it actually happens.

Zachery Tims, reminded the congregrants of how much Tims had accomplished during his 42 years of life.
We must hold our Pastors and Political leaders accountable to do their jobs they were called by the Lord to do in a way that does not tarnish the Gospel or the cause for Christ! Some are saying the investigation may know that he was not alone in the motel room but it has not be confirmed.
It seems to us that if Bishop Jakes saw so much hurt and pain in this man, he’d do everything in his power to help him.
Tek seferde 9 kisiyle online sohbet ediniz, bir grup, ag olusturup arkadaslar?n?zla grup sohbet yapabilir resim, video paylasabilirsiniz. There was a side many of his followers knew and adored but there was also a side that was filled with despair and turmoil. Not sure what kind of friendship this was except that alot of money must have been the benefit.

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