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A family is the primary unit of society where we grow up and learn the basics of how to behave with others. There are various ways of expressing love to our family members as we have different days assigned to celebrate each relationship but what if you want to say “I love My Family” in a cool way. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Cherry Blossom Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Swallow Tattoos and Tiger Lily Tattoos. This woman has got a cross wrapped with ribbon and words that represent what she has got by having a wonderful family. Pretty family tattoo with stars that represents the siblings of the wearer and the strong bond between them. Placed on the neck, behind the ear, this tattoo keeps on resonating the significance of family and friends in the life of this man. This fireman has got a family tattoo on his back as a lucky talisman as his life is pretty risky.
This man expresses love for his family through a lettering tattoo carved in cursive font with shaded design and swirls. Family crest carved with the name of family members around it keeps this wearer on track and always reminds him of his responsibilities. The Celtic cross along with two green clover leaves symbolizes that this wearer considers the family lucky for himself.
This arm tattoo show off things that remind the wearer of his family and makes for a sentimental portrait. Carved on inside of the arm, this bunny family displaying a humorous touch looks very cute and adorable.
The unity among family members makes all of them a star in their own right, this is a message of the back tattoo. This large lettering tattoo running on the spinal cord stands for the strength this man gets from his family. This family emblem tattoo has got a mystic touch that is similar to the tribal symbol but looks cool, all the same.
Tattoo covering the chest with two small birds on ends represents the love and attachment this wearer has for his family.
This tattoo combines family and friends into one surrounded by a cross that represents the wish to keep them always safe and sound.

This butterfly sticking to the flower stands for the mighty attachment a mother holds for her family.
Carved on the lower back, this tattoo represents the fact that a family completes our life and revolves around it.
This large black tree with birds on it represents the family members and the flying ones are the father and grandfather who have passed away. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The tribal art of the Taino Indians has become increasingly popular in the tattoo world the last few years, mostly because of its bold imagery. Taino Indians are indigenous to the Caribbean Islands, in the area of the Greater Antilles which is comprised of modern day Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The western world caught its first glimpse of the Taino Indians around 1492 when Christopher Columbus grounded the Santa Maria somewhere close to modern day Dominican Republic.
Ancient style symbols with signature – energy, transformation, intelligence, peace, universe, strength, friendship, freedom, power of love, GOD, wisdom, unity, adaptability, humility, nurturing, jealousy, hope, love.
Tag names: Adaptability, Ancient, Energy, Freedom, Friendship, Love, Nature, Peace, Power, Strength, Style, Symbol, Symbols.
Tattooing is a nice way of preserving information about the family which stays with you permanently in the form of body art. Did You Know?Today, the longest family tree is that of the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius. The love, respect, support and care of family members makes us a better human being and we give back the same to our larger family at school, office and other institutions where we have to deal with people.
The arrival of the Spanish brought disease, slavery and rebellion by the Taino that reduced their populace from an estimated 50,000 to total extinction in less than 40 years.
Instead they had a language called Arawakan, which consisted of petroglyphs, artistic symbols that were carved on rocks.
It's also the symbol of the island and together with the sun, the most popular Taino symbol. This family tree, as reported by the 'China Daily', incorporates over 2 million members of Confucius's family.Family tree tattooing is a type of body art in which names of family members are etched on the body. Everyone loves his family in his own way and the bond with family members is always special.

There are people who get tattoos carved on their body parts as a mark of love and respect for their family members. However, you may be interested in having a little information about the Taino culture, history and meaning of their symbols to help you select a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes a statement you will be proud to wear. In order to stay in the good graces of their gods, the Taino would do rituals and serve them offerings of cassava bread, beverages and tobacco. Such kind of tattoos incorporate a variety of designs of trees with names of family members etched at the tips of branches.One should look for a good artist with enough experience for such kind of tattooing. Despite the clashes and arguments, the love remains intact and we always look up to the family when we are in distress. If you are also looking forward to getting a similar tattoo then we have got a fabulous collection of 25 family tattoo ideas to give you inspirations. The god Cohoba carries a plate with powder on his head that is used to incite hallucinations.
However, for some, etching family tattoos on the body is their way of displaying love for the family.The family tree images are known for their detailed representation of all the members of the family.
Therefore, tattoos which incorporate family tree designs require enough space for drawing them. This practice of etching offers a natural look to the tattoo designs.One can use tribal tattoo designs to represent family trees. In such type of designs, faces of family members are etched with branches in the background.You can try a design where tree tattoo with a completely black background can be drawn. The plain black color looks cool and the names of family members can be highlighted properly. Colorful tattoos need more time for completion and also require great drawing skills.The family tree tattoos incorporate designs of trees that are portrayed in full-leaf form. Those who are familiar with Celtic designs would know that their designs are characterized by endless loops or knots. Such tattoos generally possess a circular shape with branches and roots connected to each other.

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