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Turtle tattoos have deep symbolic significance with the exact meaning of the different designs varying depending on the culture and beliefs of the wearer.
Turtles are the most graceful sea creatures often associated with peace, serenity and tranquility.
The tribal turtle tattoos are usually inked in black and are often combined with elaborate tribal patterns. In the Pacific cultures, turtle are often associated with peace and calmness with the Hawaiian turtle tattoos being one of the most popular varieties of turtle tattoos. Tattoos featuring the lead characters from the popular TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are quite popular all over the world. Turtles are a popular subject for tattoos among women with tattoo artists developing interesting turtle tattoo designs for their female clients. Small turtle tattoos are quite popular as their small size makes them suitable for any spot on the body while carrying the same symbolic value as the other varieties. The Celtic turtle tattoos are often combined with words or phrases that shows off the personality of the wearer. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. In Maori tattoo designs, some of the most common symbols used are shells, especially the turtle shell. Many people today connect spiritually with the turtle, especially its association with inner peace. The fact that the turtle can go into his shell means to some that he possesses protection, healing and inner knowledge.
With such a long lifespan, slow movement, sturdiness, and wrinkled appearance, turtles are an emblem of seniority and stability in many societies around the world. Many people love the ocean, so turtles are popular animals when it comes to people choosing  a design for their tattoo graphics.
Protected by a hard shell, equipped to navigate both land and water, capable of crossing oceans and exceptionally long-lived, it is no wonder that the turtle has been revered for thousands of years by cultures all over the world as a symbol of strength, stability and stamina. Although tattoo art has been embraced by numerous cultures throughout history, nowhere has the sea turtle been associated with tattoos more than in the Pacific Islands.
The art of tattooing has been prevalent on almost every shore of the Pacific, but achieved particular significance in Polynesia, the area defined by Hawaii in the north, New Zealand to the west, and Easter Island to the east. Where a person stood in the hierarchical society of Polynesia was determined by their current role in the tribe, as well as by their genealogy and maturity. Shark, lizard and turtle tattoo designs were primary symbols, used throughout Polynesian society.
One Hawaiian myth says that it was "Honu" (Hawaiian for turtle) who guided the first inhabitants of Hawaii to their new home. Although there are alternate myths, a reverence for the turtle's prowess in navigation is part of the Hawaiian culture. Capable of laying a hundred eggs at one time, they are viewed as symbols of fertility and creation.
The sea turtle's ability to return home connects them with guidance, good luck and faithfulness.
Their slow movement has some negative connotations, such as the decreased mobility of old age, but primarily the slow, dogged movement of turtles denotes steadfastness, as in Aesop's fable of the tortoise winning the race against the hare. Turtles are one of nature’s most under-appreciated animals and it was not until the popularity of the Younger Mutant Ninja Turtles did people truly begin to identify how awesome these shelled reptiles actually were.

Along with these definitions connected to the sea turtle, they are also successfully amazing. If you are connected to Traditional or tribe tattoo designs, then there are quite a number of pictures with uncommon depictions of sea turtles.
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Polynesia culture: in this culture the turtle was the war of war and balance (T?matauenga).
Turtle Tattoo Placement ideas – on your ankle, behind your ear, on your back, on your leg, on your foot, on your wrist. But usually, the Polynesian tribal people sport turtle tattoos to exhibit their social status. The symbolic meaning carried by a turtle shell tattoo is similar to this characteristic of these reptiles. In the year 1769, Captain James Cook along with the naturalist first saw the Maori tattoos while they were on a voyage to the South Pacific. It carries great significance and tries to identify the balance between elements and harmony.
Mohawk tradition states that when the earth shakes The World Turtle is stretching to hold the great weight of the earth.
The Chinese and Japanese came to associate the turtle with patience, solemnity, wisdom, and longevity.
The turtle has the ability to withdraw from the world into the safety and security of its shell. In addition to inner strength, the turtle has also been associated with good fortune, a long life, making many friends, and being a rock others can rely upon.
This is one reason people desire to have turtle skin art on them prominently for all to see.
What's more beautiful than the sight of someone catching a ride on the back of a large sea turtle in the deep blue waters off the coast of Hawaii or the Bahamas coral reef?
Covering one third of the planet, the Pacific Ocean is the realm of the sea turtle, and upon every land mass that the turtle has visited, legends and myths have arisen about the singular creature.
Mohawk mythology ascribes earthquakes to the great World Turtle, stretching in reaction to bearing the weight of the world.
As a culture with no writing, the Polynesians not only used tattoos as talismans of protection and spirituality, but as a way to exhibit their status.
An ancient petroglyph that depicts a turtle with a vertical line drawn down its shell supports this mythology. Ancient Hawaiians believed that their "Aumakua" (guardian spirits) could take the shape of a variety of animals, including the turtle. The curved, intact nature of the turtle shape makes it a good artistic choice for shoulder designs.
These turtles are generally depicted cheerfully, viewed as a symbol that a positive attitude and determined effort spell success in life. Some people have taken their appreciation of nature’s tanks to the next level by appropriating turtle tattoo designs on themselves.
When it comes to turtle human tattoo designs, there can be a lot of options to think about out.
Turtle tattoo designs can be represented to look genuine or they can be represented as an animated.

Both these designs of turtle tattoo are very similar as they both are usually done in black and display an almost genuine summarize of the turtle and have complex designs made on spend which reduces into the otherwise lackluster picture.
It has much more meaning as compared to other symbols and is a great idea for a tattoo design. The tattoo has very intricate designs and every line could stand as a symbol for something. Sometimes it is also used to express relationships such as marriage, friends and relatives.
This image can encourage people to look within themselves and find inner strength and calm. It is because of the turtle’s rich symbolic history that it as become such a popular and respected image today and is so often used in turtle tattoo designs. It’s believed that a turtle’s heart will continue to beat after its dead, and because of this determination to stay alive it represents natural virtue, and power of spirit. A tribal turtle tattoo might have had a more significant meaning to one tribe than another, gaining particular importance through an association to family genealogy. A 19th century missionary to Polynesia recorded that Pa te Pou Ariki, Chief of the Takitumu tribe in Rarotonga (one of the Cook Islands) had turtle tattoos on both knees. It is said the great turtle Kailua would turn into a human female and appear to protect children playing on the beach from danger. Turtle human tattoo designs can be done in Conventional and Sea art, usually done in black ink. One of the common designs is to demonstrate a turtle diving in a gush of water or, maybe, sailing above the sea ground.
The benefit this tattoo designs can be found in the fact that other designs can be well integrated with it. The missionary noted that the turtle symbol was "reserved for the chief alone," indicating that the turtle was deeply associated with the chief's genealogy. Since the turtle is found all across the earth, turtles are often associated to a variety of different cultures.
However, some people may choose for up their turtle human tattoo designs with exclusive colors native to the Sea. If you want to make your tattoo designs more vibrant, you can display a natural sea turtle enclosed by barrier reefs and stones, all in different shades of red which will give it an overall look of being lighted under strong, black sea. Some of the best Maori tattoo designs with pictures have been listed in the following paragraphs along with their meanings. Different designs and choices are available for those who would want one specific tattoo design. Here, you will comprehend how you can design your turtle tattoo designs, comprehend all the representational explanations of the turtle. Turtle tattoo designs can either signify the whole turtle, the top part 50 % of the turtle or the full turtle. There are many different techniques for you to create the most perfect human turtle tattoo designs when it comes to this design.

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