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Polynesia culture: in this culture the turtle was the war of war and balance (T?matauenga).
Turtle Tattoo Placement ideas – on your ankle, behind your ear, on your back, on your leg, on your foot, on your wrist.
Since a turtle is pretty much ubiquitous and found all over, each culture endows it with its own meaning and significance.
The art of turtle tattooing is a common practice in Polynesia where turtle rattoos are used as talismans of protection and spirituality.
Wearing a turtle tattoo symbolizes deep and intertwined meaning as depicted in the versatile characteristics of the turtle.The tribal turtle tattoo is a popular choice for tattoo lovers with the design featuring artistic styles that clearly demonstrate the dominant characteristics of the turtle. The turtle tattoo design below is a real display of fine artwork and design that looks cool on both men and women.The turtle is known as a very exceptional creature with a very long life span and a very hard shell that keeps it safe from diverse climate and whether conditions. Some people may want to incorporate bright and unusual colors of the Pacific turtle into the shell of the design. In most cases, turtle tattoos depict the complete turtle, though it is not uncommon to see just various parts of the turtle such as the head or just the shell. These shells are often colorfully embellished in the Pacific style of art.According to the Japanese culture, turtle tattoo is perceived to symbolize protection especially for those travelling by sea. You can also provide a feminine and cute angle to the look of the turtle tattoo if you so desire.
The whole process is carried with an aspect of calm and fits so well with the Indian myth regarding the turtle that it carries the whole world on its back given its versatility in the land and sea.The turtle tattoo has a lot of deeper meaning for those who get the tattoo. Some of the qualities associated with the turtle entail peace, bravery, willpower, security, long life, good health, kindness among many other sterling qualities.Large turtle tattoos looks quite elegant on men especially when worn on the upper arm and the back.

Turtles are also known not to let their slower speed stop them from doing what they set out to do.
To many a turtle is something to be considered spirituality and thereby having healing properties. Since the turtle retreats into its shell when it senses danger, the turtle is also associated with self-protection.According to the Polynesia tribal culture their war god Tu was represented by a turtle which made the warriors wear turtle tattoos as a sign of an armour for protection from the battle.
According to the Takitumu tribe in Rarotonga, the turtle tattoo was a preserve for the chiefs only.The turtle is also known for its nature of slow movement yet diligently reaches the end of the journey without giving up on the way. The turtle often makes slow steps but consistently advances until the destination is reached. This can be symbolized to identify with the ability to never give up on a worthy course despite the challenges being encountered in the process of attaining the course.The turtle can survive on land as well as water and there are many designs with the turtle as the central theme. These include showing the turtle in many of its habitats or with a variety of plants and other animals.
You can do your research to determine what you want your turtle tattoo to look like.The turtle tattoo below is a blend of other colours and features that combines quite well. Then you need to determine where is the exact design that you want along with the area of your body that you want it inked on. Make sure that you know what you are going on for and whether it is what you want in the long run before going in for it.The turtle tattoo appears in different shapes and sizes with some large or small. Others designs take the shape of the turtle while swimming, standing, when having the head coiled within the shell or when all the legs are spread out. Regardless of the design chosen, the turtle tattoo is a perfect demonstration of versatility and longevity.The below turtle tattoo is quite simple without a lot of features that makes a tattoo look more sophisticated.

The tattoo is of medium size and placed in an ideal place making it look beautiful on a lady.The turtle ability to travel thousands of miles makes it such a preference for tattoo lovers as it denotes perseverance and endurance. The turtle tattoo shown below displays some element of motion and progress which can be assumed to mean progress as the cross denotes the four corners of the earth.The sea turtles are known for the ability to return home even after taking time wondering and navigating other places.
That character symbolises faithfulness, guidance and goodness.The tattoo is also known as a creature of fidelity and loyalty.
Most turtle tattoos are done in one colour of either grey or black apart from very rear cases where different blend of colours are used.Some of the common symbols of the turtle include fertility, wealth, creation, steadfastness, endurance, guidance stability, security, strength, immortality, good luck and many more.
Africans are known to refer to the turtle as symbol of a trickster mostly derived from the story of the turtle and the rabbit and how the turtle ended up winning the race.
There are many celebrities that have specifically identified with the turtle tattoo making it a very popular choice amongst the celebrities fans.The turtle tattoo design below is just simple and elegant.
The large part of the chest where the turtle tattoo is worn provides enough space that accommodates the tattoo so well.Apart from the tribal turtle tattoo that are normally very common, the cartoon turtle tattoo are often depicted as happy characters. The face of the turtle is designed to show a smile and radiate elements of happiness.This turtle tattoo below looks beautiful and quite sterning with the footsteps of the little turtle displayed on the tattoo as it makes slow movements.

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