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This is a series of articles dedicated to Charis(=Grace) a word that the Watchtower chooses to translate as undeserved kindness and in effect removing any meaning from the doctrine of Grace ,one of the central doctrines of the New Testament, and God’s most loving provision that was set in motion after the Mosaic Law came to an end and Jesus gave his life for us. Ii is important to understand the exact meaning of this word as it is a difficult one and rarely occurs outside the Biblical account ,in fact you could label it as a Pauline word since the word appears mostly in Paul’s Letters.
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We are a community of believers who aim to love God, love and support one another, and love the community around us.
Meeting in smaller groups allows us to support, encourage, comfort, pray for and show love for one another. Homegroup members meet weekly to study the Bible together and apply it, share meals, and spend time together.

Paul basically is saying that  if we had got the pay we earned, it would have been death.

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